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    It’s so hard to find an asexual person. What do you do, go on a date, tell the person you really like them but don’t want sex? That’ll go over like a lead balloon. I don’t hide the way I am any more and I still can’t find a partner. They need to add the letter A to the LGBTQ thing. We’re the last group that receives no recognition. It’s time to come out of the closet. Be proud of who you are. Let people know about you.


    Nola D

    I understand completely. I get very lonely because I want affection and companionship but the thought of sex turns me off. I had almost given up hope of having any sort of relationship but I’m way too young and vibrant to be alone. I have a lot of love to share and I want love in return. I hope I find what I’m looking for on this website. It’s been along time since I’ve had a connection with somebody special.



    Hi Wanda, they did add the A LGBT+QIA. Although some people debate the A stands for asexual, and some people believe it stands for other things besides it. Others believe it stand for asexual.



    LGBTQIA… I wonder how long this acronym will be 10 years from now. 🙂



    I’m homoromantic and would love a relationship. Just the overall companionship would be nice. But like many others have stated, I’ve avoided due to the absence of sex at some point becomes an issue.



    I’m definitely looking for love and emotional affection, but I’ve had the same problems with sex always being equated as part of that picture or as something you almost have to “pay” in exchange. I’m so glad to find I’m not alone in this anymore, because until about four months ago I didn’t even know about aces and demi’s.



    Yes, that’s so cool that we are all here. I’m also looking for love and marriage, hope, we will all find here asexual partners. Wish good luck to everyone!



    We will need luck for sure! Most everyone is so spread out over the globe!



    Hi Everyone,
    I just registered as a member. I’m 35 and looking for committed relationship.




    Hey all, just registered. Am also looking for a committed relationship, homoromantic. I’m somewhere between ace and demi. Looking to share connection, affection and companionship above all.

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    I’ve always searched for a committed relationship. Does anyone know what the breakdown of male v. female ACEs is?


    Samantha Poole

    Me too, I’ve always wanted to get married, but at the “tender young age” of 40something, I have yet to find a spouse because… well, ya know. I’d rather be single forever than be subjected to sex lol. But now that these ace dating sites exist it has restored hope in me! I don’t care how f’n far the man is, if we hit it off and love one another then someone will move. I’ve pretty much come to peace with never finding that spouse but the hope will live as long as I do 🙂



    Would love that. I’ve been celibate for 5 years because I don’t know how to find that person I can have fun with, connect with, share with and not feel pressured for sex more than I’m comfortable with. I’m unwilling to give up for good which is why I joined this site.



    I have always felt if I didn’t have sex I would be unloved. Which is now super sad saying that out loud. I not completely against it, but I have little to no drive. Really I could live without it for the rest of my life. I would love to find someone who I could share my life with and didn’t feel the pressure of having to perform or making it a unwanted job to keep a relationship. For once I am seeking I what I find to be honest and healthy for me. 🙂



    I’m 22 and I really want a long-term committed relationship. I’ve known I’m Ace for years, but finding someone who is okay with sex not being part of the equation is really hard.



    There’s lots of us. It’s finding someone that’s so hard. Decades ago gays had hangout bars they could go to in order to find people like themselves. We have nowhere to go except these sites, and they don’t work very well. You have to slog through hundreds of faces to find someone you like, only to find out they live in England, or Sweden, or the United States, or something. It doesn’t do you much good.



    I desire a serious, long-term relationship. Someone to share the ups and downs of life with, to care for each other, to go on adventures with, to experience new things with, to snuggle with, etc. It seems that – from several sources – the ace community is overwhelmingly female, so it’d be really nice for ace guys who also want a relationship to make themselves known! 🙂



    It’s so hard to find someone near me who doesn’t want sex and would be fine with kisses and cuddles.
    Sex is such a deal breaker for people and it sucka. 🙁



    Hi everyone, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

    I apologize first, this is going to be a long message.

    I discovered this site close to 11 months ago, I had no idea there was a community or actually a word for what I am. A 45 year old homoromantic asexual. I didn’t even think I was normal, why kind of guy doesn’t want to have sex with their partner but still wants all the attention that a normal couple gets from holding hands, eating with someone, going out with them, watching TV with them but doesn’t want the physical activities because it feels uncomfortable, almost felt forced to act out my enjoyment.

    In the time I’ve been on this site, I didn’t get one single response. Although I did finally get one friend request but that person never talked at all so….. My profile information is so detailed and very informative about myself because I have nothing to hide and I’m truly trying to find a homoromantic asexual love. I understand it’s bad enough to find other Aces where you live at but on a site that’s specifically formed for Aces, and the interaction’s even less. I’m so puzzled by that. With so many Aces on this site and this is just my personal opinion but I felt, there’s not a lot of members that’s trying to really connect back. Not sure if it’s the introverted parts of us that’s scared to make the first move or just for some, a sense of I’m ok with being alone all this time so the urgency to find someone can wait a bit longer.

    That is, until I realized one important thing, despite so many of us that connect emotionally, rather than physically. There will always be a factor of that physical appearance for a good portion of us. Plain and simple. Majority of us guys and gals (Straight, gay, bi, trans) wants lego or Tetris pieces that fit each other and when that factor is taken out, it all comes down to the appearance of the pieces. Ta dah.

    Case in point. On my part, yes, I did send messages out to other homoromantic asexuals on this site, prior to my request for adding them to being a friend. I figured that’s the polite thing to do. But not surprisingly, not even a single polite response back or a simple no thanks or any comments. And yes, they have logged on days later after my message.

    That being said, I’ll probably be alone for a long, long time until my botox and filler face falls off. So if anyone wants to add me as a friend, I openly welcome you because I won’t objectify you sexually and I sooooo don’t want to have sex with any of you. Ahahah.

    Have a great day. Oh and I apologize again if my words offended anyone by chance, that was not my intention.



    After the last broke up about eight months ago, i started to look for answers, i needed to analyse and understand the reasons i don´t get relations more than one or two years long, and i found sex was in the center of the problem in most of the cases. This last one was specially painful and even when i knew long ago there was something hiding in the conception i had about my sexuality, i started to seriously think around the word ‘asexual’.
    I got shocked a couple days ago when i read about this ace wide spectrum, specially about demi and gray conditions. I have been living in a world were sex was essential for any serious relation. So now it seems I am not so weird, there is people like me outside there.

    For shure i am looking for a serious relationship. My life doesn´t depend on this, i really enjoy being alone as well, but the times when i was with someone were good enough to understand that sharing life and path with someone deserves to keep on trying.

    Well, obviously i am a novice in this ace world, but these are my two cents.

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