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Group logo of Skolioromantic

active 1 day, 8 hours ago

Asexual people attracted to nonbinary people. It’s okay to join if you are additionally attracted to male/female people.

Public Group / 15 members

Group logo of YouTube

active 1 day, 8 hours ago

The asexual community on YouTube! You can share your channels and view others.

Public Group / 167 members

Group logo of Asexual Pride
Asexual Pride

active 1 day, 8 hours ago

This is a group based on the website Asexual Pride Ottawa which is all about promoting asexual pride, celebrating asexuality and raising awareness about the subject. It`s sister site is a forum dedicated to […]

Public Group / 65 members

Group logo of Biromantic Aces
Biromantic Aces

active 1 day, 8 hours ago

This is a group for all you biromantic aces out there. If you’re interested in a romantic relationship with either gender, this is the group for you!

Public Group / 379 members

Group logo of Mates for Marriage
Mates for Marriage

active 1 day, 11 hours ago

A group for individuals who like committed relationships and are open to the idea of marriage.

Public Group / 820 members

Group logo of ACE Hikers
ACE Hikers

active 1 day, 11 hours ago

For all Asexuals who like or love to hike on high hills or mountains.

Public Group / 25 members

Group logo of People just now joining and those who are lurking

Hey everyone, I just joined this site because it was recommeneded by another person who actually found their partner on it. However it seems to be dead. It seems there are a lot of newer members like me starting […]

Public Group / 20 members

Group logo of Aces over 50? 60? (i.e.the other kind of Gray Ace)

When you hear the term ”bi” do you think bifocals? I know many of us out there. How can we get the word out to other older aces/

Public Group / 66 members

Group logo of ”Broken” Aces
”Broken” Aces

active 2 days ago

A sanctuary for new Aces who have only just discovered that they fall within the ace spectrum and are looking for ace mentors who can help guide them through the maze of asexuality. Many of us in the Ace community […]

Public Group / 347 members

Group logo of The Dog House
The Dog House

active 2 days ago

This group is for the dog lovers of Asexualitic. It seems most people here are cat lovers so for the few who love dogs more, or those who love cats AND dogs feel free to join.

Public Group / 662 members

Group logo of Friends of Animals
Friends of Animals

active 2 days ago

For those who like animals and/or have pets

Public Group / 985 members

Group logo of Demiromantic Aces
Demiromantic Aces

active 2 days ago

A group for demiromantic ace chat and support

Public Group / 29 members

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