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34 / Woman / Single / Stockholm


45 / Woman / Single / Ghent


33 / Woman / Single

Always looking to meet new people from all over the world. I'm a full member so I receive messages. My interests include; British Sign Language (BSL) and Deaf culture Disability, homeless and mental health issues Yoga Aerial silks Music Theatre Performing Arts Creative writing Dance Keyboard Volunteering Feel free to ask me if you want to know more. I'm very friendly!


35 / Woman / Single / Boston

I’m half American and half Bolivian, I’m originally from the Boston area, I’ve lived in California for six years, then in Tokyo for four. I like dancing, martial arts, comic books (Marvel & manga), video games (Zelda & Nintendo), movies (Sci-fi & Fantasy), cats, daydreaming, learning new things, history, antiques,...

Lemon pie

31 / Woman / Single


21 / Woman / Single / Volgograd

I'm non binary, my sun sign is Gemini, rising scorpio and Taurus moon. I love the aesthetic of wicca, and I enjoy falling asleep while listening to songs.

Kelsey Nix

31 / Woman / Single / Savannah

I am a sequential artist, currently in graduate school at SCAD for my MFA. I have worked in film and in education, and I would love to work as a digital media, or film teacher at the college level. I love art, movies and reading. Comedies are my favorite but...


25 / Woman / Single

Hello there! I'm Emy, French & 24 y.o. I am kind of a pop culture nerd. I love nothing more than to settle for a Harry Potter or Marvel movie night, going to Disney or sing along to musicals. I am an animal lover and vegetarian as of a couple of years. Contact...



I consider myself a bit of a geek. I enjoy sci-fi both watching and reading. I enjoy watching american comedies and was sad when The Big Bang Theory finished. I am an avid reader and never go anywhere without my kindle! I enjoy travelling. I love being by the coast....


22 / Woman / Single


42 / Woman / Single / Burnaby

Anna Mares

18 / Woman / Single / Apodaca


37 / Woman / Single / Asheville

I am heteromantic, love cuddling (unless it's hot) and that's as far as it goes.  I think a good mix of routine and spontaneity is important, about 70/30 (I realize that's soul-crushingly high, but you have to factor in work). So I will drop reading/knitting/crocheting/gardening/biking/cloud watching/TV to go window shopping...


43 / Woman / Single / Manchester

Firstly I am quite new to the realisation that I am a Grey-Ace/ Demi-Ace person.  But this has been quite a relief to feel that I am not alone in my alternative view of what relationship means. I hope, that maybe through here I can meet a person that really...


27 / Woman / Single / St. George

My name is Katie--which is an unnecessary fact since that's already listed on here, but oh well! I'm a writer and an animal lover (especially cats, but I'm definitely not picky). I love music (Marianas Trench, Green Day, Panic at the Disco, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, etc.), video...

Faith Jacobs

37 / Woman / Single

I've been described as an eco warrior but I'm just caring and understanding, I try and help to protect the environment and I'm vegan and cruelty free because our animals need protecting! If I'm honest I prefer animals over people. I'm abit of an introvert but I'm quite confident once you...


40 / Woman / Married / San Antonio

I love going to the movies and concerts. Stand up comedy is also my favorite. I have been to a poetry "slam" once and would like to go more. I'm very liberal politically and atheist. I'm an animal lover.


52 / Woman / Single


23 / Woman / Single / Ohio

I graduated from college and earned my bachelor’s in film (with minors in journalism and creative writing) in the spring of 2019. I have a part-time internship now as a videographer for a company that makes bins... I swear it's more fun than it sounds. In my free time, I like...


32 / Woman / Prefer not to say

I'm quite shy when I first meet people but tend to warm up to others relatively quickly. I enjoy hiking, being out in nature  but also love to stay in and watch movies or play video games. Feel free to add me on Facebook


33 / Woman / Single / Thousand Oaks

I am a pet sitter in southern california ventura county. I am asexual biromantic but prefer women. When I'm not being dragged around by my furry clients I love to relax to video games, movies, books, and music. I love stories and I want to live my...


25 / Woman / Single / Plymouth

//sorry i haven't been active, uum i found an awesome boyfriend here so haha yeah i haven't needed to be active whoops// I try to see beauty in everything around me, even when at this point, life seems to be just beginning. I am a first year college student majoring in...

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