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33 / Woman / Single

Hello, welcome to my profile - Mostly I am seeking people to chat with 🙂 Lover of anything fantasy - especially when it overlaps with science fiction. I only just re-discovered my Asexualitic account after like, a decade - I figured it would have been deleted over the years of inactivity but...


33 / Woman / Single / vilhelmina

Hi my name is Susan, i am someone who dont want to have sex but searching for love, its quite hard to find it seems like so a friend recommended this site, i hope i can find love and friends here.i for some reason dont get many messages so please...


25 / Woman / Single / Lake Macquarie

My discord is Duke Ace#1327. Contact me there :3 I'm an introverted homebody who likes consuming as many types of media and artistry as I can. Movies, tv shows, anime, video games, youtube, music, art, dance, fashion. Anything I can get my hands on I will watch, listen to or be...

Betty Mae

23 / Woman / Single


39 / Woman / Single / Asheville

I am heteromantic, love cuddling (unless it's hot) and that's as far as it goes.  I think a good mix of routine and spontaneity is important, about 70/30 (I realize that's soul-crushingly high, but you have to factor in work). So I will drop reading/knitting/crocheting/gardening/biking/cloud watching/TV to go window shopping...


43 / Woman / Single / Loveland

Hey everyone, I'm 43 and I live in northern Colorado. I'm heteroromantic ace, possibly demi, but I won't know until I find the right man. I definitely have trust issues on many levels and I'm fine with admitting it, even though it's hard to meet people when it scares them...


27 / Man / Single

Hello there! I'm Armand, French & 26 y.o. I hope you are doing alright, taking care of yourself and those that are important to you! I am a big kid at heart and love going to Disneyland Paris, watch musicals or enjoy a fantasy movie marathon (LOTR anyone?). I enjoy taking care of...


44 / Woman / Single / Burnaby


23 / Woman / Single / Ede

A little crazy and happy fluttering like a butterfly, but also sensitive, thoughtful, creative, critic, philosophical and searching for (social) depth. I am an open-minded primary school teacher student (last year) with a big heart for people. I plead for seeing more value in lives & opinions of others and in...

Maria J

21 / Woman / Single / São Paulo

Sou uma jovem (velha) que manifesta interesses em coisas antigas, obscuras e oldschool.


45 / Woman / Divorced / Missouri

I am a hetero-romantic graysexual female. At this time, I only seek friendship until my daughter graduates high school in 2021. Then, I will pursue a serious relationship. I want a partner to share life with. I have been independent for many years, but it would...


36 / Woman / Single / Siena

I’m half American and half Bolivian, I’m originally from the Boston area, I’ve lived in California for six years, Tokyo for four, then back to the Boston area for six years before moving to Spain in 2021. I like dancing, martial arts, comic books (Marvel & manga), video games (Zelda...


45 / Woman / Single / Columbus

I live a minimalist lifestyle so I can put my best energies into writing. The only “musts” for me are writing and having a dog. I’m doing what I love in life, a choice which has required a bit of sacrifice, ingenuity, and creativity to pull off, but I’m in...


47 / Woman / Single / Chicago


43 / Woman / Single / Jerez de la Frontera

Me gusta la tranquilidad, viajar, la buena comida, los niños, los perros y las series de TV. Leer es mi gran pasión. Los kilos de más no son problema para que me encanten la playa y la piscina.


60 / Woman / Single / Sidney


55 / Woman / Single / Philadelphia

I am a 54 year old gray-sexual, pan romantic, gender neutral person.  Whew, that was a mouthful!  I've only been fully out for a couple of years.  Now that I am finally comfortable in my skin, I feel ready to share my life with someone special. I am a Deadhead,...


36 / Woman / Single / Austin

I am a slightly-tired doughy creature who enjoys wandering my apartment trying to remember what I was looking for. I have a green-cheek conure named Indy who likes to yell about things like, "That silverware touched and made a sound!!!!" and, "Somebody has gone up the stairs!!!" I recently got...


28 / Woman / Single / Albuquerque

I am a 4' 10" 25 year old. I have no specific color but I specifically like things of color in ROYGBIV order. I have a dog named Pyxi Rose. Pyxi is my daughter. I am no longer a full $15 member on here. Facebook might be a better way...


37 / Woman / Single / Wisbech

Panromantic. Aegosexual. Female. I still enjoy cuddling and kissing. Want someone to spend time with & that doesn’t judge the fact I still live with my parents. I live with some physical & mental issues but I still want someone to talk about my day with & spend time with.

Lennon Stewart

32 / Woman / Prefer not to say / Covington

Hello! My name's Lennon, and first off I'm not a woman, I'm non binary and genderfluid. But unfortunately there's no option for that. I'm 31, married, and polyam with a girlfriend. I'm a big bookworm and I collect books more than I read them.  


46 / Woman / Single

I am always challenging myself to grow and evolve, and I try to live a life of caring towards others. In the past I practiced as a pediatric neurologist, then I studied writing, and now I am about to begin studying to become a high school science teacher. In my...

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