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29 / Woman / Single / Charlottetown

I don't want to be one of those people who lies in their profile and disappoints people down the line. So, I'll give you the 100% unedited summary of me: I'm 298 lbs, and I look like I'm 298 lbs. I've got a foul mouth when I'm not at work (in...

Thespoena Mclaughlin

44 / Woman / Separated


35 / Man / Single

I am a theoretical physicist by profession (yes, I'm the Sheldon Cooper type but not that weird 😉 ) and have interest in music and photography among others. I am usually not very talkative unless the conversation is sensible/meaningful to me; then I don't stop talking. I am friendly and...


25 / Man / Single / Durham

My name is Andrew, I'm a graphic designer and I'm looking for new friendships and possibly a relationship, I'm a person who loves to talk and to know more about other people. I'd love to talk to everyone but I do not have the upgrade account to see or reply  the...


27 / Woman / Single / London

Hi, everyone. My name is Katarina and I'm asexual person. I'm interested in Japanese culture. I love manga & anime & cosplay & japanese music. I learn japanese language. I like also gothic/metal style and ofcourse - metal and rock music ^^

Alix Simpson

18 / Woman / Single / London


32 / Man / Single / Kalamazoo

I'm a big music and sports fan, especially hockey. I love good food & eating out but balance that with my interest in natural health. TV/movie-wise I like sports, documentaries, & comedies. I am a little more of an inside person but also have an appreciation for nature, and have...


36 / Woman / Single / Benbrook


32 / Woman / Single / Paris


22 / Woman / Single / Manzini


36 / Man / Single / dublin

Geek, a bit of a nerd and outsider. Looks like a viking and apparently asexual... I'm not sure, I'm new to the whole idea and trying to figure it out. I'm originally from Poland but live in Ireland for a few years now. Always happy to talk ;]


40 / Man / Single / Copenhagen

I’m working with unemployed people, those with most needs. Originally, I have a master’s degree in political science, but I find it much more satisfactory working with people, as I do now. Writing (journalism/fiction) have always been a big part of my life, something I am good at, and from January 2019...


20 / Woman / Single


26 / Woman / Single / Tunbridge Wells

Scott Benjamin

56 / Man / Single / Portland

Looking to meet guys 22-50 with common interests that could lead to possible relationship. I have much to offer to the right guy. I am a caring, easy going individual who values the basics: honesty, integrity, humor, a hard work ethic and expects the same in someone else....


27 / Man / Single / Guillestre

I'm very very shy, so the first step is very difficult. Please contact me if you want to talk because I'm too much shy to be the first^^ I can be a very cold man at the beginning but please wait a little bit and I'll be a very nice and...


42 / Woman / Single / Los Angeles


18 / Woman / Single / Florence

I’m a freshman in college, so yeah I’m one of the younger ones on this website. I love the MCU and Harry Potter (any fellow Hufflepuffs out there?).  I also enjoy watching crime tv shows, DC tv shows, Bojack Horseman, and DARK (it’s on Netflix, you should watch it!). I’ve...


27 / Woman / Single / Vancouver

I'm an introvert who loves to laugh and enjoys comedy (I have an odd sense of humour sometimes). One of my fav shows is SNL if that gives you any idea. 😛 Very much enjoy playing video games, Nintendo consoles have always been my top pick. Things like Zelda, Pokemon, Mario,...


25 / Man / Single / Hannover

I am very empathetic, understanding and warmhearted. I may appear aloof and indifferent, but it's just a matter of time till I really know and understand others well enough that I open up to them. I may appear very demanding when it comes to relationships because I think good relationships...

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