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23 / Man / Single / Adelaide

Browsing through this website reminds me of those scenes in post-apocalyptic/ zombie films where the main character walks down a street of an abandoned city at night; everything is eerily quiet, and nobody is home. I'm seeking a romantic relationship. I would describe myself as calm, relaxed and down to earth....


46 / Man / Divorced / Dorking

Reserved Gent, introverted, socially proficient. Passionate about trail running and music (sometimes at the same time), also enjoy cycling, reading and hiking + (Wild Camping). Enjoy philosophising and can always play the devils advocate when required, minimising the echo chamber effect. Very new to the asexual world and learning alot on a daily...


34 / Man / Single / Stevenage


36 / Man / Single / Doncaster

    Into tattoos, cars and recently baking! I find I enjoy time alone, away from crowds more than I do being "in the thick of it". Like the slower pace of live, countryside and quaint little pubs etc. Not one to be going out till 5am partying every weekend, although I...


36 / Man / Single


39 / Woman / Single / Southampton


37 / Man / Single / San Francisco


38 / Woman / Single / Hobart


24 / Woman / Single / Capital federal

23 y/o, I'm biromantic, interior design and writing novels are my passions. I love dogs and the color pink, reading and going out, but also would be a hundred percent fine with chilling inside watching a movie or dancing by ourselves. I'm kind of a romantic? But my number one...


26 / Man / Single / Lakewood


41 / Woman / Single / Cambridge

A procrastinator at heart. I don’t look (apparently) or act 40. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m 40 😉 Feeling like I’m always one step away from being the next crazy cat lady, not that I own any cats. I never really sell myself well so apologies if I come across as a...

Louis Anthony

31 / Man / Single / Bricktown louis0891 - Kik If I added you, it means I'm interested in you.  However, I am awful at messaging people first, so don't be afraid to send some love my way For those without a full membership that wish to chat with me, feel free to add me or message me on...


26 / Man / Single / Oak Creek

Honestly at a crossroads in my life where I don’t know what I want anymore. Looking for friends and an eventual someone to call my boyfriend that are close in age to me. I tend to be very quiet until I get to know someone and trust them fully.

Cody Bronson

25 / Man / Single / Indianapolis


22 / Man / Single / Chicago

22 • Libra • INFJ I’m looking for a man for a serious relationship. My personality type is INFJ, which is a good thing and a bad thing. I’m currently working full time while still being a student full time as well. My goal is to finish school and move out...


22 / Woman / Single / Fort Lauderdale

Hello. My name is Caitlyn.   I'm finishing up my last semester in college and I'm studying environmental studies with minors in climate change and biology.  I plan on attending graduate school to fulfill my dream of becoming a professor.   When I am not studying, I work as a student naturalist...


36 / Man / Single / New Westminster



Hi, I consider myself a fun loving guy. I like watching movies and sports. I like reading about history and science. I am a bit of an introvert. However, I enjoy good conversation among close friends and people I can relate to.


33 / Man / Single / Cordoba

Mm .. Soy una persona muy tranquila pero que le gusta disfrutar de la vida a full y conocer y tener aventuras como para ponerle sabor a la vida jaja soy introvertido y la gente dice que soy muy empatico, cosa rara ... Soy muy curioso...


37 / Man / Single

I'm a career pubcaster. I spent the majority of my adult life being a reporter for public radio stations. I have a lot of experience working in Alaska. I left Alaska for a year to earn my Master's degree. I thought I would never return to...


26 / Man / Single

Hi everyone. My name is Tom and I am currently studying business economics in Rotterdam.  II really like to make/play some music. This could be piano, guitar or singing. I also like to go to festivals or have a night out. My other interests are series/movies, soccer/football, traveling, hanging out with friends...


23 / Man / Single / St. Louis

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