Anyone 45 or older around here???

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    Kat InLosAngeles

    This is a good site, but to be honest the asexual thread on reddit is much more active.



    I don’t know Reddit, although I’ve heard of it.
    I’ve asked the people who run this site to list the members,their ages and towns so that we can connect to those near us. The list is voluntary of course. I hope they do it. I’m tired of 20 something’s trying to friend me. I want to meet people, either men or women, my age and living somewhat near me. I still hope.



    I’m 47.



    I’m 51. There are also some great groups on Facebook for Asexuals. Very active.



    I’m 65



    I am not 45 yet, but almost all my friends are. (I am 40)
    I am from the Netherlands.
    I knew I am different all my life but only 2 years ago I decided to search what it exactly means. I am romantic demisexual.
    I am searching for friends, long term friendship. If the friendship is really strong I am open for a real life meeting (European friends are easier to meet)



    Only 40 but I usually like people who are a bit older than me



    HI Reamon, Where do you live? And what are your passions in life?


    Fenicia Rosario

    okay, thanks For this information, I stayed off this site because there is so many people who did not live in the United States, in my age group of over 50 of my particular race Which don’t get me wrong that part is not the important part is far as the race goals but I thought I’d throw that out there I don’t see many black people who are willing to say there asexuals. I still have not given up in trying to meet others who are also asexuals and form friendships. I live in the United States so I’d rather meet people here because I do not travel abroad. I find it hard that we have a group of people like ourselves who would love to connect with othersand still it’s hard. I already have to deal with people in my circle of friends or associates who don’t understand the meaning of it at all or even think that something like this exist. It can be hard at times to live this way especially if you’re around people who don’t understand so, I’m on here again I see there’s more forums. Hopefully I can form friendships where I can.


    Fenicia Rosario

    Hi Wanda, Thank you for saying that, It is one of the reasons I stayed off off of this site so long because of this very same reason. I would love to meet others while here in the United States where I live because I don’t travel abroad. An older age group of around my age at least 50 and up just to form friendships. We’re considered in a class all by ourselves anyway, so it would be great if they got that list together again like you said, of course, volunteered participates but it would be great!!


    Fenicia Rosario

    Hello, really? Do you mind sharing the link because I have not found it yet? Thank you very much for this information.


    Danny Dillon

    Hi – I am 62 and live in Virginia. Anyone live near me? Would loveto correspond. I will add picture.


    Fenicia Rosario

    Hi I’m 62 but live in SC



    marc 48 new york city



    I must add that it can be tricky being asexual because it can be quite a pain telling folks so I keep to myself. Don’t need the 1000 questions. It seems to me many folks are spread out far and wide. At the very least, hope people realize many of us are out there.



    Updating my comment here from July 5, 2019: I am 63. I live in Silver Spring, MD (DC metro), and would love to meet ace women over 40.

    Asexuality is a very lonely experience, at least to me it is. Lonelier as I age. I did attend an ace meetup group several years ago. Everyone there was much younger and we had little interests in common. I couldn’t connect with them psychologically nor socially, so I quit attending.

    Perhaps I should add that apparent age and demographic differences are not barriers to forming relationships for me. In fact, I did meet a most wonderful young woman from Guatemala here. Despite those differences, we did develop a strong, loving bond and relationship. Sadly, as we making plans to meet in each other’s countries, she died unexpectedly of cancer. I’m still not over it, and that was July 4, 2015.

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    Yes, I’m 47.


    Danny Dillon

    I am 62. So difficult to find like minded individuals.



    Im older than 45…..closer to your age.

    Lets chat:)
    Whats on your mind?
    Scary times….Im concerned.


    Fenicia Rosario

    Hi Kelly, it’s nice to finally connect with someone who really is interested in getting to know other people. I have been on here for a few years but back then it seemed everyone was from another country. Where are you located? I hope you had a good day as I did😁 Yes,we’re in very scary times and as I have experienced much personal loss of lives last year so far my personal life is better. I forgot to say you have such a beautiful smile.

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