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42 / Man / Single / Salt Lake City

A bit shy about posting a personal photo, (I know, not fair, but it's an important point with me, though happy to share if and when we strike up a conversation). I am, however, continually being told that I look like a cross between Michael Corleone from The Godfather and...

Canan Raser

18 / Single

I am agender, panromantic, trans (ftm but still agender), polyamorous (yet still single somehow), INTJ, a huge nerd in the head, and a hopeless romantic at heart. I love the sciences, movies, writing and reading, poetry, music, baking, video games, dark humor, etc. The list goes on, but I don’t...


19 / Man / Single / Yautepec

Soy estudiante de comunicación. Me gustan los idiomas y aprender nuevas culturas. Me gusta la idea de viajar a lugares inexplorados. No me cierro a nada. Envía un mensaje y...


30 / Man / Single / Cambridge

Friendly note: If you're looking for a rampant rabbit in the bedroom, then that's not me, at all. I'm Nathan - quirky, cuddle-mad, warm-hearted with a sensitive side, looking for an exercise and adventure buddy, or perhaps someone to share incredible moments with and can handle a bit of dry humour. I've...

Eugene Argent

33 / Man / Single / Bristol

I'm not a subscribed member so Add me on instagram : argent_et_or87 or email me : or on Snapchat : eugeneargent


22 / Man / Single / Scottish Borders

Just trying to figure how to play with the deck of cards life has given me. I really enjoy watching things with people, whether it is anime, movies or TV. I actually enjoy a lot of other things like gaming, photography and tech, and always love to be introduced to new...


28 / Woman / Single / Dallas, OR

If you wish to contact me, I am available to chat via Tumblr at: I also have a Facebook as Talisman Createss. I like that site best for messaging. Also have a skype under the name: RuinousTulips. I am autistic in the high functioning spectrum and currently seeing counseling to improve myself as...


28 / Man / Single / Wandsworth

If you commute on the Underground you may have heard me ask you to mind the gap. In my spare time I like to collect old maps and play Scrabble, or if it's the weekend, spend the evening binging Spotify with a jack & coke.

Louis Anthony

31 / Man / Single / Bricktown louis0891 - Kik If I added you, it means I'm interested in you.  However, I am awful at messaging people first, so don't be afraid to send some love my way For those without a full membership that wish to chat with me, feel free to add me or message me on...

Martin Alvarez

27 / Man / Single / Los Angeles

Insta: @Martin_Tyto Grew up on comic books, Pokemon, and Spanish rock and honestly haven't changed much since. lol Aspiring artist/illustrator with an office job. I most enjoy spending my down time gardening, gaming, working on my art, and playing D&D with my friends. Want to plan more camping trips or maybe some...

Berenice Coronado

21 / Woman / Single / Juarez

Tengo 21 años, soy estudiante, soy normalista, en algunos años seré Profesora de adolescentes. Amo las cosas antiguas y clásicas, mi música favorita es el rock clásico, música clásica, trova, tríos y rondallas. Siempre trato de darle profundidad y significado a mi vida, me gustan las cosas especiales y magicas.  


31 / Woman / Single / Tallahassee


29 / Woman / Single / Perth

My life revolves around my friends, family, music and animals. I work in the animal industry and I love what I do, my life is sometimes dominated by my work but at this stage in my life it is what I am happy with. I am here to find friendship with like...


29 / Man / Single / London / Midlands

i currently define myself as a Demi/Grey- A sexual. I m bisexual but have a preference for males. Laid back, open to meeting an individual or individuals who are similar who are in the UK and a similar age to me.


40 / Man / Single / London

Why should you get to know me? That's difficult to type without either sounding clichéd, like I'm selling a dining table or like I'm applying for a job I have no chance of getting, so, I shall begin.. Tall, dark, handsome, excellent legs, good finish, lots of character, flexible, willing to...


40 / Man / Single / Montreal

Je ne suis pas vraiment asexuel... mais probablement pas assez sexuel non plus (on dit "gray asexual" dans le jargon c'est ça? Je suis un peu nouveau dans le domaine...) Mes autres intérêts et aptitudes... et bien je suis à la fois plutôt geek ainsi qu' artiste. J'aime beaucoup toutes les...


34 / Woman / Single / Douglasville Georgia

I love music, anime and manga, the paranormal, writing, cuddling with pets and exploring new ideas and new places. I love having the same conversations time and again and laughing or just enjoying reliving the moment no matter how recent it was. So, let's chat! You can get in touch...


28 / Woman / London

I am originally from the South of England but have moved around quite a lot and I now live in London. I work in publishing as a finance analyst, which is a great mix of my love of books and my love of maths! My main hobbies are: Reading - especially fantasy...



Hello, I am a french guy quite new in the world of aces. Maybe Aromantic but not quite sure. And totally open to new friendships, discussions and sharing common interests !


25 / Woman / Single / Glen Burnie

I'm adventurous, but sometimes need help edging out of my comfort zone, I'm the kind of person willing to try almost anything, but always take baby steps to get there. I focus on my work, can be a bit too dedicated sometimes, but I care about and am proud of what...

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