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36 / Woman / Single / Alicante

I’m half American and half Bolivian, I’m originally from the Boston area, I’ve lived in California for six years, Tokyo for four, then back to the Boston area for six years before moving to Spain in 2021. I like dancing, martial arts, comic books (Marvel & manga), video games (Zelda...


54 / Woman / Separated

I am a compassionate person with a lot of empathy.  I am an introvert and am not real comfortable in crowded social situations.  I would much rather take a walk in a park or go to a zoo or museum than go to a bar or loud party. I love dogs...


44 / Woman / Single / Devon

Asexual Author/Entrepreneur. Lively, bubbly, energetic Heteroromantic Asexual, I love blogging, Vlogging, and living a quirky life to the max. I have a 21st mindset and I enjoy living like a teenager to the max! If you want to know more about asexuality subscribe to :  I am into Disney and...


36 / Man / Single / Atlanta

My hobbies are reading my precious books, watching sunrises and beautiful sunsets, astronomy, and my sailboat. I have a lot of musical tastes including Steely Dan, Yacht Rock, SynthWave, also Cowboy Junkies, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Train, and 10,000 Maniacs. I may appear tall, athletic, and menacing, but I really am just...

aceguymateATgmailDOTcom [INDIA]

39 / Man / Single

WARNING: I may seem boring at first, but once you get to know me, I’m even more boring. Everything interesting becomes boring in sometime. So, lets start with boring:P I'm Low-key, Low-profile and Mysterious Human. I suppose Only God can judge me. I'm still a puzzle unsolved and uncertain and this...


27 / Woman / Single


29 / Woman / Single / Anaheim, CA

I'm a 22 year old girl from California. I no longer have my lip rings. One of the piercings had a strange reaction to the metal, so I took them out until the reaction cleared up. In that time, the piercings closed, much to my dismay. I'm a grey-asexual, and...

Anne Marie

25 / Woman / Single / Orotina

I  like to talk and learn about other cultures. I can be an introvert or an extrovert depending on the circumstances. Dancing Latin Rhythms is one of my favorite activities. Playing chess is my passion. As a lawyer, I can be a little distrustful. Even though, when we are in confidence we...


22 / Woman / Single

Hello ello, peoples of the internet!   First thing's first: I'm an aroace. As far as I'm aware, at least. It's pretty confusing to define yourself by a lack of feelings that you don't fully understand.   In other words, I'm most hoping to eventually develop a QPR. However, that's not something I expect to happen...


49 / Woman / Divorced


24 / Woman / Single


38 / Woman / Widowed

I am basically what I'm wanting in a man. However,  maturity is important but age isn't. Please refer to what I am looking for in a man and apply that to how I feel about myself.


33 / Woman / Single / Marion, IA

hi, i'm freya. i'm 33, living in eastern iowa. i'll be the first to tell you i'm very difficult to love, and most people run away in 1 to 3 weeks; i'm very depressed and don't feel enjoyment in anything, and suffer from autism, BPD, and PTSD [also physically disabled]....


36 / Woman / Divorced / Ulan-Ude

Sorry, I can't reply here on messages. Text me in skype or instagram @alisaklov, please. I'm heteroromantic grey asexual or even totally asexual. Don't have any sexual desire. Need platonic love. Twice divorced, have 2 kids and am not going to have more. Please, don't ask how I made them if I'm...


31 / Man / Single


32 / Woman / Single / Berkshire

I'm a gray romantic A. My tastes in life are eclectic. I'm here to make new friends and to hopefully find a dating partner. Some of the things I enjoy are travelling, music, Art, learning new languages and learning about other cultures. I like to be adventurous (in terms travel and food). Anyhow,...


43 / Man / Single / montreal

Honesty is my coin Will be happy to get your £m©ils at gimoax[at]gmail[dot]com  


40 / Woman / Single / Seattle

TL;DR- Ineffable former cosmonaut and current seat filler seeks intelligent, kind, and hopefully at least moderately bilaterally symmetrical (along the sagittal plane!) person with whom to go through the empty motions of a romantic relationship. Must be able to handle cynicism, saccharine adorableness, "meaningless quotes", and not prefer the summary...


30 / Woman / Single / Canberra

My main passions are psychology, spirituality and personal growth. I love talking about relationships and interesting ideas! I mostly read non-fiction at the moment but I do read some fiction from time to time. I also enjoy art, craft, meditation, blogging and running online groups in my spare time. I...


41 / Woman / Single / Moncton

I love to read, spend time with my friends and family and I love cats.   Bit of a geek, I love sci fi and fantasy.   I'm a feminist, firmly believe Black Lives Matter and am not aligned with any particular political party.  I'm introverted until I'm comfortable then can have...

Lisa Lionheart

36 / Woman / Separated / Saratoga Springs


27 / Woman / Single / Tucson

I'm a pre-pharmacy student at the U of A (studying molecular and cell biology). I love science, art, independent films and music, feminist prose, Game of Thrones, and portrait photography. I'm shy at first but it doesn't take long for me to warm up to new people :)...

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