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22 / Woman / Single / SF

22 year old homoromantic game developer and fantasy writer, born and raised in the SF bay area. I tend to be the creative sort, a deep thinker, a bit detached, and kind of a goof if we're close (I have a pun reputation amongst my circles). I would never come...

Yağmur Cenk

32 / Man / Single / Bursa

I'm monogamous demisexual & demiromantic kik: tednec


40 / Man / Separated / Innsbruck

I'm a very tall man with "good proportions", i.e. I don't have six-pack abs, nor do I have a huge beer-belly. Because I'm so tall pictures taken with me and "average-sized" people tend to resemble scences from the "Lord of the Ring" movies where Gandalf is standing next to a...


23 / Man / Single / Montreal

Just a guy who likes to cook, collect movies, play video games, and just hang out. Also, I'm told I'm too Canadian, so sorry in advance. I'm a helpful person so I tend to help people out when/if needed, sometimes even if they don't think they do, but I've been trying...


24 / Man / Single / Los Angeles

I have never had a doubt in my mind that I am attracted to men. As far as being asexual goes, I am still trying to figure out exactly where I stand on the spectrum. There are aspects of intimacy that I do not mind, but sex has never felt...


55 / Man / Single / Sonoma County

[email protected]

34 / Man / Single

I am looking males who do not demand any sexual deed/appeal from their male partners...those who prefer non-sexual physical closeness to another male Long term relationship is preferred


18 / Woman / Single

I'm basically a grandfather in the body of a young adult. My cats and video games are the only things I am good talking about. I'm currently studying comp sci. I'm pretty much a train wreck, but I am ready to meet other aces. 🙂


29 / Man / Single / Portland

I'm a calm, reserved, down to earth, ISFJ personality, homebody type of guy. I enjoy making art and being inspired by it. Listen to music every day, especially alternative metal. Love all types of horror and sci-fi medium such as movies, shows, and comic books. I'm down to...


22 / Man / Single / Beijing

Dancing is the first thing to me. Learning languages and making friends with people from all over the world are also fascinating. I am learning French as my second foreign language at the moment. My major is teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Therefore, it will be a surprise if you are interested...


18 / Woman / Single / Fairfax

I love books and makeup and spending time with my friends. One of my favorite things to do is to find weird facts and then force my friends to listen to them. I hate creating dating profiles cause this is the most awkward thing I've ever done. Also It'll be...


49 / Woman / Single

adam wheeler

24 / Man / Single / new orleans

I never knew what i was or why im the way I am for a very long time until i found the ace community before i felt like my mindset would guarantee me a life of loneliness... knowing there are others like me makes me feel   hopeful of the...


29 / Woman / Single / Perth

Heteroromantic Ace looking for friends to game with and maybe find my player 2. INTJ personality, Ravenclaw, Gemini. I work as a bookkeeper, Cats are my favorite animal. Causal Anime fan Currently playing- World of Warcraft, Starwars the old republic, Subnautica and Splatoon 2. Discord - Kalypso#6258 Battlenet-  Kalypso#11760  


41 / Woman / Single / London

I am warm, friendly, sincere, loving and considerate. I am an attractive, slim brunette. I look and feel younger than I am. I am looking for a long term relationship share life's good moments with.


26 / Woman / Single / New York

I'm about good humor, good conversation, and general empathy. I put my Masters degree to use by essentially helping others every day. I also strive to keep learning and to increase my understanding of the world. My list of places to see in it is ever growing - faster than...


22 / Woman / Single / Albany

INFJ I own a 4-month-old puppy named Jasper. I enjoy going for walks but also staying in and watching tv. I am currently a college student. I work for a photo/video production company. I love animals, especially goats. I live in a small city and I enjoy the convenience and atmosphere of a city environment. However,...


31 / Man / Single / South Island

I'm a young professional Kiwi. Quite shy, rather quiet. Enjoy the outdoors, traveling and various hobbies.


26 / Woman / Single


42 / Man / Single / Salt Lake City

Fun loving, active guy, originally from Portland, Oregon.  Outgoing and like to make new friends.  Having a good outlook on life and always seeing the good in others has proven me well in making lasting friendships and relationships.  I have lived here in Utah for the last 18 years.  I...


23 / Woman / Single / Philadelphia


34 / Woman / Single

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