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37 / Man / Single / Stockholm

All My name is David and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I spend most of my time involved in various projects, one of them now being the opening of a new night-club here in town. Also enjoy having ongoing relationships to my friends and network... I’m most likely a heteroromantic asexual. The emotional and energetic...


27 / Woman / Single / Adelaide

The better words to describe me quickly would be Otaku & Geek. I love my anime, i like my games and i like technology! I'm generally a pretty quiet person, for me the ideal weekend isn't going out drinking at the beach, its a weekend either at home or with friends...


28 / Woman / Single / Allentown, PA

I am pretty introverted and enjoy my quiet time at home where I enjoy reading, listening to music, playing video games, and watching movies/TV - I’m open to various topics and genres ranging anywhere from fantasy to historical documentaries. Also, more specifically, Disney and Star Wars 🙂 I’m pretty open...


40 / Woman

I am loyal, reliable and friendly, I am very empathic, curious, impulsive and open. I am very positive, but realistic. I am always very happy, easy going and I laugh easily, I am always in a good mood. I am ambivert and in real life I will be very shy at...


20 / Man / Single / Chicago

Hey, y'all! <3 I'm Nathaniel, but I also go by Aki! The producers want me to say something interesting about myself. Ummmm... I speak Japanese? I broke the same bone 2 and a half times and then cut the tendon so now it doesn't bend all the way? I love...


26 / Woman / Single

I am quite shy in the beginning but I try being as honest and direct as I can, as I found it is the best medicine for overthinking and anxiety. I can be an air-head and daydream a lot. I love board and card games, animation and comics, reading, traveling... I...

Mari Hoshikawa

33 / Woman / Single / Tokyo


31 / Man / Single / grimsby

I am basically looking for a relationship without sex with another asexual person. Being asexual can be a very lonely and isolating feeling and I would love to be able to find somebody that is the same as me. I Recently moved to brighton last year (2014) and work as...


31 / Woman / Single

I'm Polish, currently living in Ireland but planning a move to Japan;) I love watching movies(especially in cinema!) and reading books:) Umm what else about me, I love to travel and meet new people! I'm always open and friendly towards others, I believe we should never judge others, at least not...


28 / Man / Single / New York City

Hi there, I'm Timo, recent grad from Michigan, working in healthcare design in NYC. I'm an INFP, sorta introverted. Friends who know me often love my dry (and sometimes dark) sense of humor, my loyalty, and my quiet yet 100% supports in their lives. Enjoy traveling, love to read, swim, hike, and...


30 / Man / Prefer not to say / Hiroshima

I'm just a regular guy going through the struggles of life. Hobbies and interests include: photography, hiking, healthy eating/lifestyle, drinking (I know, I just contradicted myself), music, movies (MARVEL fan here), traveling, languages, etc... List goes on and on. If you have any of these things in common I want to...


30 / Man / Single / Cotonou

I love to discover new culture and love to meet new people. I like to see those around me happy.

Currently I am a visual art teacher in a bilingual international high school. I like to live in well decorated apartments. I speak French fluently. I am currently learning English and...


26 / Man / Single / NYC

I'm a pretty laid back person living just outside of NYC. Life can get pretty monotonous if you don't do anything about it, so I try to be adventurous and try lots of new things, whether traveling to weird places, eating somewhere new, or learning something new. With that said...


35 / Woman / Single / NYC


22 / Woman / Single / Chatham

I'm abi, love playing video games and I love going on holiday. Recently graduated in Environmental Science. I love playing Runescape and Overwatch 😀 I am asexual, but I am totally open for a perfectly normal relationship - I just don't want any funny business in bed. Absolutely open to the...


32 / Woman / Single / osaka


27 / Woman / Living together / Udine

I like singing, drawing, listening to music, traveling, anime, manga, playing video games, Asian cultures, Japan, London, museums, archeology, astronomy, science, animals. I am a bit shy at the start, but then I become warm. I live near Udine. I graduated in anthropology at Ca' Foscari in Venice (master degree). I studied Chinese...

Kat Britt

21 / Woman / Single / Irvine

Hi! I'm 21-years-old and currently a junior studying Game Art. When I'm not in school, I work as a freelance illustrator and mostly do covers or merch for young adult fantasy literature. I'm looking for either friends or a relationship on here. I don't mind if either is long-distance, I'm just...


45 / Man / Single / Saint Louis

1/1/2019. New year, new start! Hi, I'm currently just looking for friendship with other men for the time being, maybe something more later on. As I just got out of a 7 year relationship back in June 17th, 2018. Thank you. I was born in Taiwan but raised mostly in Missouri since...


30 / Woman / Single

Hi, I'm UZ. I'm a Japanese woman. I'm not native English speaker, so I'm writing hard.   Anyway, I have been feeling loneliness so long because I can't have romantic feeling to anyone. But now, I think we can share the same feeling in this community. I hope I meet nice friends someday.   My dream is...


27 / Woman / Divorced / New Port Richey


20 / Man / Single / Bielefeld

Hey there! o/ I'm a computer science student from a small town near Bielefeld. I'm really introverted and shy, so it may take a while until I can truly open up to a person - but there's a lot of stuff going on in my head, so maybe the wait is...


35 / Woman / Single / Tokyo

I am optimistic, adventurous and love to travel. My favorite outdoor activities are hiking to mountain summits, watching fall colors, photographying nature and wildlife, and stargazing, I am not one to stay home, but if I do I like watching movies and TV shows,  or listening to epic movie soundtracks. If I...

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