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22 / Man / Single / Scottish Borders

Just trying to figure how to play with the deck of cards life has given me. I really enjoy watching things with people, whether it is anime, movies or TV. I actually enjoy a lot of other things like gaming, photography and tech, and always love to be introduced to new...


41 / Woman

I am loyal, reliable and friendly, I am very empathic, curious, impulsive and open. I am very positive, but realistic. I am always very happy, easy going and I laugh easily, I am always in a good mood. I am ambivert and in real life I will be very shy at...


34 / Woman


35 / Woman / Single / Boston

I’m half American and half Bolivian, I’m originally from the Boston area, I’ve lived in California for six years, then in Tokyo for four. I like dancing, martial arts, comic books (Marvel & manga), video games (Zelda & Nintendo), movies (Sci-fi & Fantasy), cats, daydreaming, learning new things, history, antiques,...


20 / Woman / Niigata

I'm a half Japanese half American gay and ace gal who's studying to be a teacher someday. I can be summed up as bright, pink and hard working. I have lots of hobbies and love to play the ukulele, sing, create art, listen to music, read, play video games, write,...


23 / Woman / Single / Salamanca

Hello everyone! My name is Marta, I’m a 23 years old girl from Spain, in a beautiful city called Salamanca. I consider myself as a demisexual grayromantic/arromantic girl.

I really like traveling and visiting new places, museums, exhibitions…

I can’t...


30 / Woman / Single / Tokyo

Will update this in full later. I'm not a paid member on here, so I can't send or receive messages. Can only add friends, it seems. If you have contact info on your profile and add me as a friend, I will reach out to you there! I'll try to add more contact...

Derrick K.

32 / Single

I'm a Canadian born Chinese who spent years in French Immersion, playing, watching, and officiating many sports, and values both work and life. I like reading Books by C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, A.C. Doyle and Robert Ludlum. Some of my favourite old and current tv shows are Game of Thrones, Arrested...

Erin Thought

23 / Woman / Single


36 / Woman / Single / London

I am optimistic, adventurous and love to travel above everything else. My favorite activities are hiking to mountain summits, watching fauna and flora, going on roadtrips, photography, and stargazing, I am not one to stay home but  I do I like watching movies and tv shows, and just listen to music. I usually...


32 / Man / Single / grimsby

I am basically looking for a relationship without sex with another asexual person. Being asexual can be a very lonely and isolating feeling and I would love to be able to find somebody that is the same as me. I Recently moved to brighton last year (2014) and work as...


28 / Woman / Living together / Udine

I like singing, drawing, listening to music, traveling, anime, manga, playing video games, Asian cultures, Japan, London, museums, archeology, astronomy, science, animals. I am a bit shy at the start, but then I become warm. I live near Udine. I graduated in anthropology at Ca' Foscari in Venice (master degree). I studied Chinese...


35 / Woman / Single / Portland, Maine

I'm Christine. I'm fairly quiet in real life but fairly open too. So If there's anything you want to know, just ask. I love science, music, art and literature. I try to be a good person. I was on track to be a college professor/academic but wasn't really satisfied with how simple...


35 / Man / Single / London

Travelling is my biggest love. I’ve been to over fifty countries and would really love to see more of the world. I write books, and sing silly folk songs about stuff like cats and dinosaurs. I’m pretty good at Rubik’s cubes and playing the ukulele. I like films, running, and way...


28 / Woman / Single / Maple Ridge

I love pink, cute things, anime, video games, movies, music, tv shows, animals, drinking tea and slurpees, hiking, outdoor activities and singing. 🙂


34 / Woman / Single / Tokyo


30 / Man / Prefer not to say / Hiroshima

I'm just a regular guy going through the struggles of life. Hobbies and interests include: photography, hiking, healthy eating/lifestyle, drinking (I know, I just contradicted myself), music, movies (MARVEL fan here), traveling, languages, etc... List goes on and on. If you have any of these things in common I want to...


36 / Woman / Single / Tokyo


28 / Man / Single / Yokohama

I don't really know my personality. it depends on the language that I'm using. (Doesn't it happen to you?) Otherwise, I like playing sports and traveling. I do football, cycling, badminton, skiing  etc. Used to be a backpacker too. If it is okay for you to have a conversation with me, contact...


25 / Woman / Single / Berlin

Half Egyptian half German, Arabic is my mother tongue (for some reason there is no Arabic option when picking a language), can speak german (living in Germany since 10.2018), and understand Japanese since I am an Anime fan. I also enjoy drawing and am decent at it (check my Instagram...

Emiri Tomoyose

26 / Woman / Single


28 / Man / Single / Murfreesboro

Not sure where to start with something like this but anyways I currently live in Murfreesboro TN and work in tech support at the moment. My biggest hobbies and in turn the things I spend most of my free time on tend to revolve around Japan and the Japanese language. I've...


30 / Man / Single / Cotonou

I am passionate about the arts and travel. I like to see those around me happy. Currently I am a visual art teacher in a bilingual international high school. I like to live in well decorated apartments. I speak French fluently. I am currently learning English and Japanese which are languages...

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