How far would you go to get a partnership like this?

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    I don’t think I would enter into a relationship that WASN’T like this. I never thought something like that could exist, so the idea is really exciting for me. I think it would be great to have a life partner who you traveled with, had experiences with. Not the traditional house with a picket fence, two kids, minivan, pta meetings setting, but something different. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? It’s like we’re making history, re-writing how the “traditional” partner situation has been. Showing people that your relationship should be as unique as you are. Just because it isn’t what everyone “expects’ doesn’t mean that it is any less of a valid relationship.

    I feel like that didn’t answer the question. I would go a LONG way to find someone like that. I would travel across the earth to find that.


    I don´t think there is no stigma around asexuality. Typical psycholigist will try to “fix” you and will tell you ridiculous theories why you´re frigid, sex-phobic etc. The majoriy of people (including surprisingly even some asexuals) will not take you seriously. And do I have to mention “corrective rape” threats?


    I would go as far as possible theres really nothing in this world I desire more. So far no luck hopefully someone special comes along eventually. Its really bumming me out, lol.

    Fenicia Rosario

    I would do the same but I’m realizing although, it’s said to be many persons who are asexual that exists it’s very hard connecting with people like me….it’s gets to me sometimes but what can I do but keep trying. If I just sit and wait for someone I have a slimmer chance of enjoying life with someone else😢

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