How is this quarantine affecting you?

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    How is this quarantine impacting your lives? Has the enforced isolation changed your way of life much? Or is it fairly the same insofar as being stuck at home looks no different than your possible desires before quarantine to self-isolate on purpose?


    Yep, barely any difference at all, apart from a drop in income. However I am appreciating not having to keep up a pretence for those with whom I work. Although it has highlighted my feelings of loneliness even more than they were before.

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    My mom passed away just before CV-19 started really swirling up in the US, so I’ve mostly been busy clearing out her house for sale. Between that and being an ‘essential’ worker (whose hours are practically imaginary some days), I haven’t seen much of a hitch in my routines. I can’t go to the grocery store at the times I prefer to shop. Hours are limited and early mornings are dedicated to at-risk and elderly shoppers.

    No one has come straight out and said it, but it sounds like my employer is making staff cuts after Mother’s Day. Our sales slow way down between May and October and the company has already taken a hit from shopping centers being shut down and people not spending money. There’s a good chance I’ll be out of a job as of the 10th. If not, I’ll be out of work at the end of the month, anyway. I’m moving out of state because rentals around here are ridiculous. I don’t have enough to make a decent downpayment on a house of my own unless I go somewhere cheaper. These are nervous times for me since the main reason I kept my job this long is health insurance. Losing health coverage in the middle of a pandemic just doesn’t feel good.


    I’m an essential worker trying to homeschool 3 boys on the spectrum. Two are at my ex mil so she can teach my youngest. My oldest you have to occasionally get on him about work. My youngest is fighting every trick my ex mil has up her sleeve from teaching preschool. I have my middle so he can’t use his brothers as distraction. Have to do one hour study hall’s to get anything done. Trying to figure out summer school, therapies and dr appts.


    At first it was really hard because I was working on mental health issues and forming good habits. Being an introvert and also suffering from things like depression and agoraphobia makes the line between healing isolation and spiraling mental health really thin, then you throw in death, lack of income, and family that has boundary issues it was really hard. But I was able to refocus and I’m slowly adjusting and handling these hard times.

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