My name is Amanda, I am asexual, and am looking for support.

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    I’m not sure “how” asexual I am but I’m realizing I do fall on that spectrum.

    I am also diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Affection, touch, “cuddling”, and sex don’t do it for me. Never have. Do I want to be intimate with my partner? In some ways yes. Do I want sex to be a huge part in my relationship? Hell to the no. I do not enjoy regular sex. Does that mean I absolutely NEVER want it? No, but it means sex really doesn’t matter or do anything for me.

    I have a lot of trauma. I was assaulted/molested as a kid, and r*ped by both a “friend” and a boyfriend, two separate times. Sex has Never been an easy thing for me. It makes me at least uncomfortable and at most sick to my stomach
    95% of the time.

    My ex berated me endlessly for not enjoying/wanting sex. It made me feel broken and useless. I want a partner, but I want one who can deal with my lack of sex drive. Unfortunately not many men can put up with it, which makes me horribly sad. I desire companionship, just not much sex.

    So here I am, I paid the $19 for a membership and hopefully will find like minded people.

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