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    Hi all,

    just wanted to know which writing software do many of you use when the creative muse strikes? I tried a number of softwares in the past such as; New Novelist, one other which name I can’t recall, and good old Microsoft Word. And thought all 3 so-so. I’m currently trying the Scrivener 30 day trial and quite impressed with it actually but purchasing it when it ends will have to wait as I’m currently entertaining the employment line and any money I have I keep a good old tight hold of it, lol.

    But, the one I have used for 2-3 years now and find its easy to find my way round it and build up my story and structure it as I want it is Y-Writer5. It appears to be very reliable too and set out in a way that inspires you to write more, if that makes sense.

    What are everyone else’s choice and why?

    Mystic 🙂



    I’m using the “good old” Microsoft Word as you put it. C:
    I think I will have to give the other softwares you mentioned a try. Microsoft is fine, but something different would be helpful.
    Would you recommend Y-Writer5 then?



    I just use Google docs and Google Drive. It does everything I need and it’s totally free. It also means I can access my text files from anywhere, even if I just feel like reading through some stuff on my iPhone.

    It’s also possible to have others view the file and leave post-it comments which is good for peer review.


    Oh, I use google docs and google drive too. But I’ve been leaning more towards EVERNOTE for a lot of my ideas/notes and its very easy to organize my thoughts and search for things too. Check it out! Its very neat and you can sync it up to your phone, computer, tablet…etc.

    Kathleen W

    I use Evernote a lot, mostly for character profiles because it’s so easy to use and makes everything nice and organized for me haha
    I often write a first draft of my story, and then I’ll paste it into Word and rewrite it.
    I haven’t heard of Y-Writer5 though, maybe I’ll give it a go 😀

    Jessica Sutton

    If you write scripts Celtx is useful.


    I think creative writing can be exercised only in real meetings with other writers, exchanging opinions and coming up with assignments to challenge and improve your writing creativity. I doubt any software or any computer can improve someone’s writing skills. Going to a creative writing group, get an assignment, try to use your creativity, and get direct feedback from real humans, … No computer program can replace that.

    The only alternative you may get is an online creative writing community, like a closed forum for members only, where you get an assignment and forum members post their writing on the forum, then the other forum members can give feedback. A sort of online alternative for the regular creative writing meetings. But at least, even if it’s via a virtual meeting place, at least you are still dealing with humans to give an assignment and then provide feedback.


    I use FocusWriter. It’s a free, distraction free software. You can customise the appearance and download themes for it (it actually looks a bit depressing imho without a custom theme). I find writing with it a lot easier than with anything than resembles Microsoft Word. I don’t know why, but I do. Basically it’s just full screen and all the buttons stay hidden until you need them. You can set yourself a daily goal by time or words written. It also has tabs and sessions, which I find really helpful. I can have one session for one work and tabs open for notes and the actual work. Out of the writing tools I’ve tried, FocusWriter is my absolute favourite. 🙂

    I’d like to give Scrivener a try at some point… It looks great.

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