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Looking For Other MMRPG Type Gamers.

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m new to this so I apologize in advance if there’s any group rules that I’m not suppose to break.

    Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone plays Guild Wars II, Ragnarok Online (Though I haven’t logged in for over 1 year now due to that whole EU regional IP ban when I was in Taiwan last year) and finally, a mobile game I’m now back playing again after 3 years of hiatus, Crusader Quest.

    So if you happen to be on any of those games and wanna go kill monsters together, I’m your man. Thanks for reading, later alligator.



    Ok, so no response yet, 9 months later………. But I’m not surprised. Oh well. Today is 12/1/2019. Yahhhhh.

    I’m mostly on Crusader Quest, a mobile game found in Google Play and Elvenar, it’s more of a long, time consuming city building PC game that I accidentally discovered while in Taiwan. Would love to go back to Ragnarok Online some day but without friends left, I just mostly set up shop vending overnight so it gets super boring.

    So yeah, still homoromantic asexual and still looking for others to chat with during gameplay. Even if I’m too old or not your type, whatever you may be thinking, I just want to chat and play video games. Nothing more.

    Thanks for reading, will continue to wait for some gutsy, adventurous gaymer.

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