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    It’s too bad that there is no one in my area right now to talk to, I’m in SC and I guess there isn’t too many admitting asexuals around here. It’s a really tough thing to admit to so maybe we all just need to give it a little time for it to grow.


    Since there are so little of us. I’d even be willing to travel just to have a decent conversation with someone.


    Yeah that would be kinda cool to be able to talk with a fellow asexual as well as a fellow agnostic. Maybe that’s asking too much but it is what is.


    I agree with you on that. Ik also agnostic.


    I check in regularly and not all have pictures that’s a must I get friend request but most only have one picture so I don’t accept it makes me feel like that person is a BOT but im on regularly if anyone in the southern California is looking to meet new people im always open


    I think I only have one photo up. I might be a bot! Lol I am currently growing out some of my hair for a specific look that I’m trying to get. I am always to hang out with anyone, any where at any time.


    Hello all.
    I am a paying member of this site but so far I have yet to strike up a decent conversation with people on here.Where is everyone? I also agree with what Saz has stated in her Message.If I had known there would be a huge amount of non profiles on here I would not have bothered either.


    In response to Anonymous Message.
    Just been reading your Message you have placed on here with Interest.You state you dont accept friend requests from people with no Picture and the profiles you have looked at only have 1 picture.
    Out of curiosity where is your Picture?


    What does BOT stand for? lol


    I think it’s the presentation.

    (just my opinion)

    Not everyone’s the same.

    There is no motivation from management, no events, prizes, parties, perks, etc.

    There are no obvious areas or defined rooms.

    It’s just not made by big biz, for consumers of big biz,
    over the past half dozen decades, pavlovian style,
    to salivate over, glam, misdirection, big signs, and parades.


    Another paying cutstomer, dont know why i bother TBH …come on this less and less seeing as it takes forever to have a conversation that last past 5 lines … notice people have the conversation skills of a desk lamp.. JOY!!!


    Agreed, if your looking for a quality conversation. Well, you sir are acrewed, but if you want some random humor. I might be able to help.



    This website is very slow, I’m not able to search people within a radius from where I am.. it can be confusing. I also cannot search for people around my age. VERY FRUSTRATING.


    Sure, the radius search feature would be nice. Maybe add that thought to my discussion here: https://www.asexualitic.com/forums/topic/discuss-this-site/
    It helps keep all feature requests in one place, which is easier for the devs.

    But you can definitely fine tune your age preferences by clicking on ‘Meet Asexuals’ at the top, and filling out the form on the left (or top, depending on the page).


    This site is pretty crummy. It works pretty decent on my phone thou. Sadly there is nota lot of people who talk here thou.

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