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      When I do here people talk about meeting people here. It is usually people referring other people to another dating site or how badly this place sucks. What do you think about all this random commenters?

    It’s a bit annoying to navigate, people in your area are most likely scarce, and the site won’t allow me to message other users.


    It pisses me off a lot alsoalso.


    Yeah, I think not being able to message people is a huge discourager. Even though *I can* message people, I never initiate messaging because I never know whether or not the other person can even receive them.


    you need to fill out the subject and message or it won’t work.


    Wow, did this site suddenly become active or something? 😉

    It’s too bad you have to pay for private messaging, but that’s hardly a reason for it being ‘quiet’ considering I’m sure everyone can use the forums without paying…
    I place my bet in people not really having anything they want to say in a group setting.

    I really like this site though, myself.


    I only ever see 5 other users active at any given time.


    I’m probably one of those no-lifing always-online people. Hi there. Just call me One of Five. (Please tell me someone remembers Star Trek Voyager)

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    I do! Lol


    $15 a year isn’t a bad fee, but I’m not finding that I can say anything on my profile about myself…..

    So where are people going to meet other aces?



    Do you mean real life??


    go to your profile> edit> looking for All this will be at the below your profile


    This is annoying why do we have to pay for a dating website 🙁


    Hi everyone

    I am Sandra from the UK and I am fortunate that I never have to pay for this site and can use all of the features on it. I did join when there was barely 5000 members. I am active. I log in almost every day, in the hope that one day my special someone will show up. Sometimes several times a day. I also initiate a lot of messages, but I think a lot of people are different to me and want different things, so messaging back and forth never goes on for very long.

    A lot of people will talk in the forums, saying they want someone, and like joining in the group discussion, but a lot won’t reply to a private message, or if they do, it may be a one off. Even if I am not interested I someone, I usually reply and would be honest about not being compatible. A fair few don’t even reply and say no thanks. I sent a really nice message to someone from a forum the other day, to say I live near that person, and although I am looking for a different person romantically, he wasn’t alone. No response at all. Not even a thank you. I said I was busy with my work a lot which is true, and I schedule time to see even friends I have known for years – but the ‘friendship’ term was at least put out there – nothing back.

    Another difficulty I have, is I tend to only be attracted to younger foreign guys, I can’t help it, it’s just the way it is for me – The fact I live like a teenager may have something to do with it. And there is a lack of asexual foreign guys in the UK on this site. I am very popular with sexual foreign guys, but I hate sex, so that’s no good for me. Love to kiss though. I don’t like marriage or kids either so it’s hard. I know I have gone off topic a bit, but it’s nice to have you to chat to about this as I find this site hard to find a good match, even though I am very active on it and I do like it.

    Thanks for listening.


    Wow, that was one insightful mouthful.


    Hi Sandra!

    If ever you want someone to talk to on Asexualitic, I’m open to conversation. Especially about foreign guys 😉 Just send me a message requesting instant message conversation and I will get back to you ASAP.

    It’s interesting to hear other ace preferences. I’m personally kiss repulsed, and yet there are so many aces that deeply enjoy kissing, like yourself Sandra. I wonder what that’s like in social dynamics. For example, are kisses on a first date desirable? How often do you think about it. That sort of thing.

    Alexander, did you have anything to contribute on the topic of compatibility? What’s your opinion on kissing? Or how has your search on here gone?

    Thanks for participating in the forum discussion!


    Hi Alex

    Thank you.

    Actually, I don’t meet many aces that like kissing at all and certainly not like me. I think about kissing most days, in fact I start to feel sick because I like kissing that much and have no one to kiss – But and there is a big but, I can’t just kiss any guy. I have to be highly attracted aesthetically to his Face and look/frame. Otherwise I can’t kiss him, even if he is a nice guy. I have kissed on first dates if we were attracted to each other, but in the past it’s all been sexual guys so no good to me. I have met an asexual foreign guy friend in the UK, but he will only ever be just a friend as we are the opposite on a lot of things and our needs/wants. Even though he’s very good looking, it’s definitely a no go. I do not want marriage, or kids, or to be a housewife ever and I like to chat and he doesn’t. I like to go out and have my kind of fun, that is different to his.


    Well to be honest most of the users on here are temporary profiles because they join and THEN it says they have to pay which is sneaky. It obviously takes money to run the site but I think if they let people have a trial period before they buy there would be more real members. I know I was really hesitant to pay money for a service I had no idea if it worked or not. To be honest if I’d have known how many users were people who gave up after having to pay I wouldn’t have oaud either, it’s a bit of a let down seeing all those non profiles! 🙁


    Same here. I wish I had more people to meet.


    Yea, I know what you mean. It upsets me also. I wish I had more people to meet on this site.

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