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    Well, we’re all paying for this so we might as well have a thread about things we like/dislike about the site, and what we’d like to see. If there’s already a thread of this nature, my aplogies, please link it here!

    For myself: There doesn’t seem to be any compatibility matcher, other than a rudimentary one. While it can be debated how useful things like that are, I would like a more complex feature for helping to find ‘good matches’.

    Also, I’ve heard of a few sites using a method where users create a personal compatability quiz (which those interested can take) to help determine potential matches. I’m on the fence with this one because I think it takes away from the exercise of getting to know a person before deciding if one is compatible, more so than my first mention (the more sophisticated matcher); though for those who find it hard to initiate without being more confident they’d meet another’s criteria, it may be a helpful addition.

    Finally, I think this is more of an expected thing for many sites than a useful one, but I feel like the ability to ‘like’ another’s reply might be helpful here. The user whose comment is liked would get notifications of likes, which might establish an understanding between the two. Of course, one can always make a reply stating their feelings toward another’s post (or private message)… but liking is simpler.

    Just some thoughts.


    Something I’ve been wondering about is that in some groups, for example this one: , I can’t view all the members. I can view the most recent 40 who joined, though there are supposedly 141 members. Any input?


    I feel kind of bad posting again directly after one of my posts, but the edit option doesn’t appear and I’d like to get this idea out there. Perhaps I should start making a list. 😉

    I’d really like to be able to categorize people as future contacts somehow. For people that have caught my attention, but I am too busy to carry on lengthy conversations with.


    I agree, Yura, all the way! Hear, hear!

    Michael P

    i’d like the ability to input a custom word or phrase for your profiles “about me” section, its too limited. and while this does not affect me, i know a lot of people want to be able to select both male and female for what they are looking for.


    when i search for people it will say my criteria matches x amount of members and it gives me one page with 20 or so results BUT when i change the page my search criteria is reset so page number 2 is just random members. whats going on? if 400 people match my criteria but i can only see 20 of them then whats the point?


    I really don’t like the new blue background when looking at a profile page… I’m sorry if I’m being a downer, but it’s just too blue for my eyes to look at contentedly!

    Edit: It’s not bad for people who have very little on their profiles, but for longer ones like mine..

    Michael P

    i want to know who else has paid for a full profile on the site, that way i know if they’ll even see if i decide to PM them.

    a simple label on peoples profiles like the one you’d see on your own would work just fine.

    maybe there is a way and i’m just dumb though xD


    I was thinking about this myself! The question comes up pretty often actually..

    The way I usually go about it is to check and see if they are in any groups, because to my knowledge only those who paid for the site are able to join. But I’m behind your suggestion completely. 🙂


    Alright, a few things here.
    1) I think a group owner should have the ability to PM all members of a group at once (mass notification), because currently there’s no other way to get timely updates to large groups.

    2) The right panel that says ‘recent replies’ should I think also include newly created threads. Could call it, ‘recent threads’.

    3) The profile of a user I had contact with was either deleted, or removed/banned. I’m not sure what the case was, but I feel like it should not affect private messages. Everything I sent and recieved from this user is gone. Even if their account no longer exists, I believe I should still be able to see the PMs.

    4) I don’t think there is any user of this site (aside from the creator(s)) who knows what the membership levels and corresponding abilities are. It needs to be made alot more clear.


    Scratch the third point, I must not have noticed the messages were still there!


    A very early run in I had with the site involved me creating my account username (BeatriceEldoraTesla) with spaces (Beatrice Eldora Tesla). Spaces were permitted in sign up but not for signing in. Thank god I tried everything. I’ve seen this brought up on AVEN by those who quit trying to get into their accounts on here because they never figured out the issue. Definitely needs addressed if it hasn’t already.

    Also, the squiggly line (tilde) appears correctly when creating a post but looks like a dash once it’s published. This flaw is stealing my flair.


    Thank you for the help, we listen carefully to your suggestions and will do our best to make the website better as it goes.


    I’d love for there to be some quick way of seeing where people are located. Like, maybe their city right beneath their name or something. For many of us, the internet is the only way to locate real life asexuals, so it would be super helpful to have a way to easily scan where people are located.

    On that same note, is there way of adding a geographic feature in the search function that could display the profiles of all the members located within 100 or so miles of a given zip code? That would be *incredibly* helpful!

    Also, I second what a member said earlier about being able to select that you’re interested in meeting both men and women — I would like to be able to select both men and women and not have to choose only one. Especially if you’re just looking for friendships, why have to choose only men or only women?

    Thanks so much! 🙂


    I’d really like for the time limit for editing posts to be nonexistent. Please.


    I don’t know if anyone else is having problems sending messages. But I’m sick of typing a message to someone, then when I press send it just keeps telling me it hasn’t sent and to try again. By the time I’ve typed the message five times and tried to send it without out success, I’ve had enough and can’t see the point if you can’t even send someone a message. Anyone else having this problem?

    Emily :)

    One thing that frustrates me is the limited choices to make; for example, I want to select that I am looking for both men AND women, but I’m limited to choosing only one.


    I recently moved to Japan and I can’t seem to find asexuals in this country. I have heard rumors that there is an asexual community, however no english.
    Saddens me a bit. Does anyone know of some sites for asexuals in other countries like Japan?


    Would be nice if after paying to use the site they removed the adds.

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