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    Meadow Rain

    If you don’t know don’t state something like that


    Hi, I’m brand new to the site, only joined yesterday and as of yet I have not messaged anyone or received any messages. I’ve a question for the guys if you don’t mind, I’m curious to know how often you guys message a girl for the first time on here?

    It seems to be mainly ladies claiming that ace guys are in short supply, so guys have much more of a pool to choose from, but from reading other forum posts women also seem concerned about the lack of commitment as most guys don’t seem interested in a LTR.


    Definitely you will find at least few on this site. Ok, at least one 🙂

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    There are guys like this.

    I’ve been in LTR (like, really really long distance 😛 ) with an asexual woman so definitely there is at least one guy interested in LTR.

    I guess you can’t really lose if you message first so I would advise you to go ahead.

    Justin Brown

    Well, I feel reassured! For a moment I felt I was a non-person. I thank all the guys who have firmly stated they are asexual because I can assure you I am too.


    Hi, I’m a young 51 with a 14 year old son with special needs. I havn’t been in a relationship since he was a baby. Although I have had sexual relationship in the past, it had always been something that filled me with dread and I suppose I just went along with it to please my partner. Now I am older I realise and accept it’s it’s not for me and no longer feel the need to put someone elses needs before my own. I would love to meet an asexual man. I crave a soul mate that can make me happy and me him. I’d love to share my life with someone as I miss the friendship and closeness of having someone special who I would miss when they’re not around, someone I really look forward to seeing and spending time with, someone I think the world of and them me. Hope one day I find the right person for me and me for him.

    Dan Hancock

    Asexual men exist, but personally it took me over 25 years to realize that I was Asexual and that Asexuality was actually a “thing”.

    I was confused about my sexuality when I hit puberty and back in the 80’s it was gay or straight and gay wasn’t a socially accepted option. I loved my long term friendships with my female friends but could never understand why I always found myself in the “friend zone” but now I realize that it was where I actually wanted to be. Unfortunately my close girl friend relations all ended in tragedy when they dated or married their ideal sexual partners. It took hitting my personal bottom emotionally, mentally and spiritually for me to find literature about sexuality and discovered that I wasn’t alone in my, what I thought was, deranged manner about sex. Actually, I joined a fetish site locally and met a woman who although very sexual herself, helped me to understand Asexuality and how I fit into it.

    After a 25 (more like 30) year rut I finally know and accept who I am and I am much happier about it. Now if only I could find a female counter part in my area.

    We do exist, it just may take a little time for us to surface.

    Jerry Clark

    I am 52 and just recently discovered I am asexual still coming to grips with it and with the patterns of abuse that caused me to feel this way so we do exist


    Well I hope asexual men exist, because if they don’t, why did I join this website? lol -_-


    I’ve only recently discovered asexuality too. I don’t know the terms or what they mean, but it really makes sense from what I understand of it. From my point of view, I have a revulsion of sexual activity and it cost me my marriage. We’re still good friends and they’re happy with someone else now, so it’s ok. I just sometimes get a bit lonely, which is why I decided to see if there was a website for asexuals, and I found this!


    Just to add a quick P.S here.

    Asexual men exist, I am one and there’s several who’ve piped up in this thread too. I’ve even messaged a few of the ladies on this site who live locally.

    I’ve seen LOADS of people on the site that I’ve wanted to message, but when I click on their profile I find that they’re in America. I don’t see the point of messaging someone when there is no possible way of me meeting them in person, surely?

    Am I missing the point here? Are we supposed to message everyone regardless of impossible divides between us?

    Brandon Millwood

    Hi! Asexual guy so I hope I exist, though I suppose if I didn’t I could do all sorts of cool things.


    Well, if you look at it from a philosophical standpoint, can we really prove that any of us exist? I’m not even sure I exist, although it seems to make sense. I actually think I might have met an asexual male at one point (in college). I can’t say for sure as I haven’t asked him.

    I definitely think there are quite a few out there, probably looking for a relationship too, and probably wondering how to get to that point just like I am. I might be female, but I think I can understand at least a little bit about what men in this situation would be thinking too.


    <smiles> I tick all three boxes, but most here, probably including you are 20 years or more my junior <frown> 🙂


    Another asexual man who appears to exist here 🙂


    I am another one !


    I believe there are a lot less ace men than women (the minority of a minority) but we do indeed exist…


    yes, Outofstep, I am one


    Yes, we do exist. All I’ve ever wanted and craved was a loving and supportive companionship. Being in an intimate relationship with a woman involving sharing, holding and hugging each other would be heavenly to me. I’ve come close but it’s always been elusive. But alas, this life as an ace is a very lonely one, an often an unbearable one. At least for me it is, and I must admit, I do despair.

    As I said elsewhere on this site, I came close when I met an amazing woman here on Asexualitic named Zaida from Guatemala, and despite distances in geography, culture, and age, we grew very close emotionally. We’d chat and Skype daily for several years. Her spoken and written English was near perfect. My Spanish, not so good. Tragically, in 2015 when we were making plans to meet in each other’s countries, she unexpectedly died of sudden illness, which devastated me. I cursed the fates saying tearfully, “You can’t even give me this?”

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    Dan, This story you tell us is very sad. However, you can keep in your mind and memory this long-lasting (years) relationship… It was real , so there is something loving and loved really in you

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