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    I am looking for an asexual man who doesn’t like sex but who loves intimacy. I am also hoping to find an asexual man who doesn’t like boobs (or just A and AA cup only).


    Hi Donna.You seem loverly! I would happily oblige if it wasnt for the distance with me living in Manchester.However good luck in your search.



    My personal experience is that asexual men don’t exist.I haven’t given up looking,but yet to find one.I think it’s biology,a hormone thing.:)


    Nah, it’s not biology. It’s just the fact that men are way more pressioned to be sexual than we are.


    ooofh! Going to need some neosporine after a burn like that. All joking aside I do see where you two are coming from. Our “type” appears to be a group that is small and segmented around the globe. Not to mention my personally experience being and hanging around other aces lead me to believe that a lot of us lean a bit more on the introverted side of things. (This of course does not speak for everyone). We are hard to track down!

    I can say from more experience that Maiara also has an excellent point. Until I put in the research and realized I fit into the slot of asexual I spent a good portion of my life thinking I was broken for not getting the things all the other boys were into. Peer pressure and society’s expectations are harsh.

    But please! Don’t give up hope! There are some really cool people on the site and in the world that I’d hate to have overlooked due to a negative outlook. I’m here wishing you all some cheezy luck! AAAAH!


    Im with you Alexandra, i think asexual men dont exist.

    Warren Moore

    That’s a pretty big generalization. I’m an asexual man, I hope I exist…


    It’s not that asexual men do not exist I think it’s most still don’t realize they are asexual. I have known a few men who weren’t gay, but weren’t sexual and so they felt more comfortable with men. I think that some men believe the myth you can’t have a platonic female friend. If you have a female friend it hasti be sexual.


    Since you answered obviously you exist!

    Isaac Puzey

    Interesting conversation. I consider myself an asexual man but as someone else mentioned we tend to be more introverted. I guess I’m content being alone but would probably be happier in a platonic relationship with a female, but there’s not enough “drive” from mySelf.


    Can I ask what makes people think in this thread that asexual men don’t exist? Have you ever met anyone who has claimed to be asexual and they have shown you otherwise? Have you ever anyone from this site in real life? Just curious really as like the other males in this thread, I exist and I am 100% certain I am asexual.


    I agree Alle, I think a lot of asexual men don’t realise they are asexual, I certainly didn’t for a long time and I don’t know any other asexual men. I also think men are naturally more sexual, due to higher levels of testosterone and things like pier pressure. To say we don’t exist is incorrect though, we are just a rare commodity I believe 🙂


    Asexual guys exist. I have met 4 so far in person. I hold some small meets in Exeter in Devon in the UK, so I met two in person because of that. They are not suitable for a relationship, only friend/mate. The other two I met in London at different times – one I am not connected to anymore.

    And – I get to meet one of my best online ace guy friends next week, cannot wait, it seems like we have already met like a gazillion times! And my other close ace friend will visit the UK and may come to live here so it is happy days.

    From a romantic point of view though, it is hard to meet any guys who would match what I am looking for and in that way that are pretty non-existent, but not completely. I am a 1% of the 1% in terms of what I like and need in a relationship so going to be single for a long time! I enjoy being single.

    Meadow Rain

    I believe , there is a lot of pressure on men to be macho and much harder for them to openly say they are asexual. I believe most people lie about their sex lives anyway and a large percentage would go to Men who’s ego and self-worth are tied up in women and sex. Think of all those dodgy sex surveys, that you know participants lie on, even for fun. Yes they are a rare breed and excessively brave,and as you can see from this site a small percent, but they exist .
    Thanks to these nice fellows who answered your message we can say for sure.
    Thanks guys for renewing our faith in humanity.


    I wonder about this too. Does not seem to be much going on at this site. At least I don’t get much responses from people. Really now I am not looking for a relationship as there is too much going on in my life right now. But I think the women are easier to talk to? Wonder why. Just a frustrating observation I made but at this point I shrug my shoulders and move on with life. Let go and let God.



    Yeah so I’m an asexual guy and I exist too.

    I’m 32 from Edinburgh and a regular guy next door.

    If you’re near Edinburgh and fancy a chat – email me gusty97 at hotmail com


    Of course asexual men do exist. Although I am not asexual, I am a celibate with poor health condition. It is quite peaceful that I could make friends with asexual people here, this website for me is like a home. Hope everyone here could meet “the right one”. : )


    I didn’t even realize that I fell into this category, I to just thought I was different. 3 marriages that failed not all my fault, but I just wasn’t interested in sex, it was a duty not pleasure. I enjoy cuddleing , kissing just hated when it came to sex. I know there are men out there but not to many around where I live or older. I would love to find some one to spend time with knowing I didn’t have to preform sex with. It just takes patience and time. I truly believe if it is meant to be it will happen


    Asexual guys exist, I am one.


    Here’s another asexual guy. It’s not a fairytale, we actually do exist;-)

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