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23 / Man / Single / Chesterfield

Hi! I'm Max. I recently discovered I'm Asexual so dating has become... difficult... to say the least. I'm just looking for someone with a good heart, maybe shares some of my interests, it's kinda hard to meet fellow nerds. I like video games, anime, tinkering, Rick and Morty, Marvel shit, cuddles...


25 / Woman / Single / Philadelphia


22 / London

I'm a writer and a fangirl, that's all there really is to know. Currently completing an MA in Screenwriting. I've closed my first book deal, which ... yikes. So yeah, writing has and always will be a huge part of my life. I also love reading, TV shows, film, theatre, musicals ......

Jillian Dayne

21 / Woman / Single / San Marcos

Devin Posey

25 / Man / Single / Denver


21 / Man / Single / Bucuresti


33 / Man / Single / Richmond

I live in Virginia.  I moved here in August 2019 from Kentucky.  My job uses math and programming so I'm a nerd.   Desk/tech job.  I'm the person you ask when you want the truth.   I'm not good at lying.  I love music.  I love sharing and getting recommendations for new...


58 / Man / Single / denver


21 / Woman / Single / Trieste

I'm 20. I'm attending university (psychology).   I spend most of my free time reading (fantasy, classic literature and classics for children, sometimes manga)   I can be very introvert, but that does not mean I'm shy. Just a little awkward. While my friends go to the disco or in some bar to take a...

heather smith

31 / Woman / Single / Texarkana


35 / Woman / Single / Boston

I’m half American and half Bolivian, I’m originally from the Boston area, I’ve lived in California for six years, then in Tokyo for four. I like dancing, martial arts, comic books (Marvel & manga), video games (Zelda & Nintendo), movies (Sci-fi & Fantasy), cats, daydreaming, learning new things, history, antiques,...


22 / Woman / Single / Fort Lauderdale

Hello. My name is Caitlyn.   I'm finishing up my last semester in college and I'm studying environmental studies with minors in climate change and biology.  I plan on attending graduate school to fulfill my dream of becoming a professor.   When I am not studying, I work as a student naturalist...


23 / Man / Single / Chicago


28 / Man / Single / Murfreesboro

Not sure where to start with something like this but anyways I currently live in Murfreesboro TN and work in tech support at the moment. My biggest hobbies and in turn the things I spend most of my free time on tend to revolve around Japan and the Japanese language. I've...


27 / Woman / Single / Toledo

Jonny Irving

20 / Man / Single / Carlisle


28 / Woman / Single / Los Angeles

I am a person who plays A LOT of video games, but I try hard to get out of my comfort space to do other things, haha! Here I am, an INFJ - The Advocate Personality Type. I have a hard time keeping small talks going sometimes. But, I am more expressive...


22 / Woman / Single


27 / Woman / Single

I feel like I should start by saying I am REALLY bad at these things, and I do mean terrible. It is easy for one to write about an event, or about another character in a story, but unfortunately, this is not the "About [insert name here]" section (but oh...


27 / Man / Single / Fort Wayne

Major home body here and contently so. Albeit a goofy and silly extrovert by nature who is enamored with malls, amusement parks, and the city, over the years I have become less ashamed and more in tune with my disinterest in frequent outings. Don’t get me wrong. I love people,...

Meet asexuals is the first community and dating site for Asexual people. When major dating sites don't recognize our asexuality, we think that asexual people should have a place to meet and talk. Create your profile to search and meet other aexuals, or build a platonic relationship.

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