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28 / Man / Single / Manchester

Hello everyone, my name is Joel and I live in Cambridge UK and am mainly interested in meeting some cool people and seeing how things go from there. I am deeply interested in science and nature, I like playing games, some sports, going out to eat and drink, cinema, I love...


34 / Man / Single / Algiers

My name is Hakim and I am from Algeria, I define myself as gray-asexual. If distance matters to you, than don't waste your time by reading the rest. I am currently a PhD student All I can say about myself is that I am very calm, passionate sarcastic sometimes. I love Indie pop music...


31 / Woman / Single


65 / Man / Divorced / Plymouth

I'm a youthful sexagenarian (not looking for sex, of course, which is why I am on this site). But what I am looking for is a loving & devoted partner, with whom I most definitely would gladly reciprocate. I love travelling having lived in France for well over a decade (I...


74 / Man / Divorced / brisbane

I am a pragmatic person and probably analyse things too much which is probably why I took too long to get aroused and why I found it more sexciting wrestling and boxing with my women, and it's amazing how many tough women are out there who can be a lot...

Fayetina DeMatteo

23 / Woman / Single

¡Hola! I've noticed a lot of people have mentioned how bad they are at typing these little bio things, in my case, I'll probably just end up oversharing. Oh well, c'est la vie!   I'm an INFP, if you're into that sort of thing.   I consider myself to be a woman of many interests, ...


38 / Man / Single / Ypsilanti

I like cartoons, anime, Disney channel, staying active (karate practice and in the gym), going to concerts, arcades, and amusement parks. I also like video games, but I don't get much time to play them these days. I’m currently working full time and going back to college to get another...


24 / Woman / Warren

Hi! Pleasepleaseplease read this before trying to contact me! My name is Shell and I just recently began identifying as a gray asexual. I am in a relationship and am not looking for anything romantic off of this site. I simply would like some friends and some support. I don't...

Barney Knight

25 / Man / Single / Grays Thurrock


27 / Man / Single / Wandsworth

If you commute on the Tube you may have heard me tell you to mind the gap. When I'm not UndergrounD I like to collect maps and play Scrabble, or if it's the weekend, spend the evening binging Spotify with a jack & coke.

Keziah Bryceland

27 / Woman / Single / Hampshire

I'm a geek, and like comics, watching movies and TV (probably too much), reading, and writing. I'm not specifically religious, but like to think there's something out there that we cannot comprehend. I enjoy deep, meaningful conversations just as much as joking around. I have a dark sense of humour...

Anna Jo

24 / Woman / Single / Salt Lake City

Call me Anna Jo! I'm a 24-year-old composer currently living in Utah. Most of my spare time involves writing music, listening to music, thinking about music, or watching Critical Role. What kinds of music? The short answer is most. I’ve been on a classical kick for a few years, but you’ll...


29 / Man / Single / Paris


28 / Woman / Single / Edmonton

I'm just an average average geek that's trying to find their place in the world. After attaining a Bachelors in Anthropology, a couple years experience in data entry/GIS mapping, and a Diploma in Game Design...I've decided this is now my time to 'find myself' so the old chestnut goes. I've a...


34 / Woman / Single

I am adventurous and fun loving kind of girl, I enjoy trying new things and generally exploring life. I like travelling and I have had the luxury of travelling to distant places such as India and Peru. I like being creative and have experimented with clay and mosaics. I like...

Steve Livesey

44 / Man / Single / Lincoln

I'm going to be honest with you all from the start as that is something that is important to me.  I've suffered with anxiety and the odd panic attack for many years and at one point in my life became Agoraphobic for a while.  I also suffer with Health Anxiety...


30 / Woman / Single / Los Angeles

I'm an introvert (that sometimes tries to act extroverted) and shy though I open up more as I get to know someone. I can be awkward and a little weird sometimes. I'm heteromantic (maybe gray-a/dem, I think, still kinda figuring out where I fall). I like to read (mostly fiction), watch...


22 / Woman / Single / Los Angeles

I am a dorky, silly, introverted, and sensitive college student who wants to become a writer. I identify as panromantic/gray asexual. I love all types of music (classic/alternative rock, jazz, blues, soul, funk, international, musical theatre, classical, film scores etc), all types of movies (suspense, horror, comedy, animation, drama, foreign,...


27 / Man / Single / Bielsko

Hej wszystkim jak że jestem tutaj nowy wypadało by się przywitać.Jestem raczej osobą o spokojnym usposobieniu. Moje życie nie jest jakieś przebojowe i super ciekawe. Mam swoje wartości, którymi się kieruj?. Nie staram się być usilnie przebojowym, modnym, nowoczesnym i oczytanym. Podchodz? do wielu spraw bardzo emocjonalnie. Ogólnie to studiuje...


22 / Man / Single / South Bend, IN

I’m a quiet person but I can get loud when I’m excited. I love books and movies and my cat. I’m mostly introverted, with a hint of sarcasm. Don’t get me wrong, but I’m a huge nerd. I was raised on Star Trek and rock n’roll. I’m a heteroromantic Ace, looking...

Oscar Montejano

26 / Man / Single / Fort Pierce

My name is Oscar Montejano (Or Schan Montejano; thanks to what I'm assuming was a Typo). I'm currently a 24 year old College graduate with an A.A.S in Restaurant Management, and I am a proud line/prep cook at a private club. My culinary interests range from cooking, baking, fruit carving, and...


29 / Man / Single / Killeen

Mark Skywalker

30 / Man / Single / Lancaster

Okay, this is the tough part. Haha talking about myself isn't my strong point. I'm a heteromantic asexual. I guess I'd consider myself maybe a gray ace? I guess we're all kind of always figuring ourselves out. When I'm by myself, I'm usually playing a game (be it video game...

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