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26 / Woman / Single

Brianna Beard

20 / Woman / Single



Hi there! I am a vegan cat! I'm pretty friendly, shy and polite at first but will get less distant once we click! Need quite some time to open myself to others: an INFJ. I am independent, thoughtful, self-conscious and non-confrontative. I seem to be detail-oriented but always turn out to...


35 / Man / Single / Chicago

Lover of all creative arts and nature.

Kaley Andrews

25 / Single / Tacoma


24 / Man / Single / Lakewood

Brandon Brown

25 / Man / Single / Springfield

I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2015 with a bachelors in Industrial Engineering and now I'm working in the software industry. I'm down to earth, liberal,  and always excited by new ideas with a passion for problem solving. I love spending time outdoors; let's do something on the river or in...


22 / Woman / Single

Hi, I’m Amanda. I really love listening to all kinds of music and going to concerts, and traveling when I can. I also enjoy watching all sorts of movies and most video games (I really wish I had the skills to play, but I don’t so I just really like...


30 / Woman / Single / Versailles


22 / Woman / Single

Im still discovering myself, even though Im 22 now, almost 23. In my head Im romantic but Ive never dated or really liked anyone. If I think about going on a date I panic and say I cant, its scary for me. Im lazy, like animals, and have been thinking...


22 / Single

Hello! My name is Leah, I'm 22 and live in Washington State. I'm really a pretty quiet person, I can be shy but I enjoy having close friends around to do things with. I love to go hiking and backpacking and participate in outdoor sports, but definitely in a relaxed not...


25 / Man / Single / Durham

My name is Andrew, I'm a graphic designer and I'm looking for new friendships and possibly a relationship, I'm a person who loves to talk and to know more about other people. I'd love to talk to everyone but I do not have the upgrade account to reply or send messages...

Ess Enn

34 / Man / Single / Philadelphia


31 / Man / Single / Binghamton

Hi All! It's hard for me to sum up who I am in a few short sentences, as my life is strange and complex. But I'm here to meet like minded asexual people from all walks of life. I enjoy everything from walking, video game playing, talk show listening (Coast To...

Brian Randolph

25 / Man / Single / Wilmington, NC

Ujjawal Mishra

30 / Man / Single / Dallas

I am a very sensitive person, but very honest. I am a techy and like to build stuff in my free time, It keeps me engaged and give me a feeling of accomplishment. It takes me some time to develop caring attitude towards new person. But once devloped goes long way. I...


26 / Woman / Single

I am a full member Feel free to message me Can add me on Instagram dammit_janet_


21 / Man / Single / Chicago


55 / Man / Single / Sonoma County

I've turned vegan earlier this year. Trying to be healthier and it has helped a lot. I love most kinds of music(classical, Jazz, Progressive house, trance and classic rock)  


55 / Woman / Single


24 / Woman / Single / New York

I'm on  a quest to meet w other ace people and also get boo'd up by one 😉 I appreciate the lil things and I'm all about positivity. I try to live sustainably despite the fact that I love fashion. Mostly I dress in grunge and street fashion or anything cute-...

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