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31 / Woman / Single / Nice

Je suis passionnée par le sport et les voyages. J'ai une âme aventurière, limite casse-cou. Je suis toujours prête à faire de nouvelles découvertes culturelles, culinaires... Si vous voulez en savoir plus, il suffit de demander. I am passionate about the sport and travel. I have an adventurous soul, daredevil limit. I...


25 / Man / Single / Tarragona

Hello! I'm not too good at this, so I'll keep it short! INTJ Personality if you're into that, and Ravenclaw! I'm an ace guy from a small town in Tarragona, Spain. I am a pretty shy person, but it goes away once I warm up to someone! My main hobbies are videogames, anime,...


22 / Woman / Single / Bergamo


24 / Man / Single / Madrid


33 / Woman / Single / Los Angeles

I am pierced, inked, love photography, going out with friends for dinners, drinks or movies. I also enjoy going to museums, the beach, and discovering new and fun things to do around the city, after all I live in the capital of entertainment :P! If you like...


44 / Man / Single / Valencia

Me encontrarás en con el nick de Simel o en


37 / Woman / Single / Melvindale


30 / Man / Single / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Hi, my name is Aaron, I'm from Spain and I'm 30 years old. All my life I always felt different to others in terms of attraction and sexuality to the point of feeling totally decontextualized. I thought I was just like that, different and weird. Until time taught me (recently in...


24 / Man / Single / Portland, ME

I grew up in New Mexico, and spent a couple years moving across the states living in Washington, California, and now New York. I started attending university in New Mexico at 16 for History and Political Science but dropped out to start traveling. I work at Trader Joe's and thoroughly...


25 / Man / Single / NYC

I'm a pretty laid back person living just outside of NYC. Life can get pretty monotonous if you don't do anything about it, so I try to be adventurous and try lots of new things, whether traveling to weird places, eating somewhere new, or learning something new. With that said...


44 / Woman / Single / Ghent


45 / Man / Single / Corrientes

Octavio Sevilla

24 / Man / Single / Guadalajara



25 / Woman / Single / Tamps

Im very chill person, I love the balance about have my own space and the shared space. Im very loving but I not experienced person about the relations because the persons usually think "if u love me, have sex with me" and I dont want the sexual pressure. I have an opend...


20 / Man / Single

Edgar Jasso

27 / Man / Single / Aguascalientes

Fenicia Rosario


I love to be around positive people who can bring something in the relationship  such as inspiration, encouragement, and support,  whether it be a platonic  or an intimate one. I am a people person, a caring individual and can be spontaneous. My favorite quote is, “live each day as if...


30 / Man / Single / Milwaukee

My name is Samuel.  I live in the city of Milwaukee, in the state of Wisconsin, in the region of the United States known as the Midwest.  I have lived here my entire life outside of the time I lived in California for five years, when I was in the...


37 / Man / Aurora

I'm photographer and videographer. I've accumulated several film degrees from the Colorado Film School in writing, directing and producing. Currently have a cushy desk job which I love, but also working on getting my production company growing as well and my ultimate goal is to work on documentary film. I have a...


30 / Woman / Single / Galicia

I have an instagram account that I don't use for posting pictures, but I can use for messages: @sraabel I've recently come back to Asexualitic. I'm not very active, but I'll try to be a little more. Also, I may be awkward or shy at times! 🙂

Fayetina DeMatteo

23 / Woman / Single

¡Hola! I've noticed a lot of people have mentioned how bad they are at typing these little bio things, in my case, I'll probably just end up oversharing. Oh well, c'est la vie!   I'm an INFP, if you're into that sort of thing.   I consider myself to be a woman of many interests, ...

Maia K

52 / Woman / Divorced / Basel

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