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33 / Man / Single

I'm a kind, caring and introverted guy that will often try to make you laugh. I'm also a huge animal lover and would love to add a dog or two into my life but I haven't yet because I'm away from home the whole day working in a laboratory. I...


28 / Man / Single / Paris

Hi! I'm a 28 year old guy living in France, but originally from Peru. My motto is treating people the same way you want to be treated. Here's a couple of things I like: Traveling | Wine | Food | Animals | Music | Videogames | Nature | Sunsets | Art in...


43 / Man / Single / Atlanta

Homoromantic man on the asexual/demisexual spectrum here looking for a like-minded partner. Friendships are welcome too! Not removed from the occasional sexual urge, but completely fine without it and much prefer to kiss, cuddle and be intimate. If you cannot message me on here, feel free to email me at...


54 / Woman / Single / Ellensburg

I enjoy gardening, kayaking, exploring the unknown, traveling... Solidly...I am a good person that prizes honor, integrity, honesty.


19 / Woman / Single / Lima


20 / Man / Single / Lima


26 / Man / Single / London / Bath

Hey. I'm Glenn. I'm heteroromantic asexual. Recently realised I was aasexual and looking to meet others who are the same. I don't know any asexuals currently so would be cool to get to know new people, especially my age. Travelling and going on adventures is my favourite thing, have been...


36 / Woman / Single

I am adventurous and fun loving kind of girl, I enjoy trying new things and generally exploring life. I like travelling and I have had the luxury of travelling to distant places such as India, Peru and most recently Vietnam. I like being creative and have experimented with clay and...

Sarah Carter

30 / Woman / Single / Chatham

I’m not a paid member so feel free to contact me at sjane.personal@gmail.com   Passionate, artistic, deep thinker who also likes being silly and having a good laugh. I love to peruse thrift shops, antique markets and estate sales in search of aesthetically interesting items or darkly funny/odd items. Art galleries, museums,...


20 / Man / Single / Lima


20 / Woman / Single / Lima


32 / Man / Single

Ne ho abbastanza di siti dal dubbio funzionamento, se vi va di parlare su telegram sono @enfelon

Emanuele Baiocco

35 / Man / Single / Perugia


48 / Man / Single / Richmond (CA)

I am an educator living in the East Bay, California. I grew up back East (PA and RI) but now love calling the Bay Area home. I enjoy travel, movies, hiking, reading, vodka martinis and laughter. I'm looking to find a man for a serious romantic relationship that treasures friendship...


21 / Man / Single / Lima


20 / Woman / Single


23 / Man / Single / Lima

Juan Martin

53 / Man / Separated / Lima

willow B.

39 / Woman / Single / Northern Nevada

Let's see...I'm adventurous and independent but also like the simple life and enjoy some down time. I have a BA in International Relations, And currently teach ESL and Medical career classes to adults, which I really love. I'm from the California coast, but living in Nevada by Lake Tahoe. I love...

Jeff medina

28 / Man / Single / Lima

  1. Hello My ame is Edwin i am nice  person looking for  friend to make friend.
Add me https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100020287114986&ref=content_filter Hola mi nombre Edwin soy de Perú estoy buscando amigos para entablar amistad . Agrégame https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100020287114986&ref=content_filter  


88 / centcontginguepy


82 / labikerneudich

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