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23 / Woman / Single / Atlanta

I'm currently in university, earning an associates degree before going to culinary school. In my free time I love watching horror movies, playing video games, baking, going to concerts and conventions, singing, and reading novels. I'm a massive geek for all things creepy and macabre, and for high fantasy. I...

Rynn Lemieux

60 / Woman / Single / Gardiner


44 / Woman / Divorced / Lincoln

Ruu Weist

34 / Woman / Single / Limington, ME

I am: - an animal control officer by day and a wildlife rehab volunteer by night. - an introvert who gets stressed out at parties. - a pagan witch (who hasn't been struck by lightning yet, come at me). - someone who enjoys video games (roleplaying/sandbox please), reading, painting, creative writing (WORLDBUILDING), science, and...


42 / Woman / Single / Huddersfield


31 / Woman / Single / St. Louis

Pan-romantic and Asexual, fluctuating between sex-neutral and sex-averse. In general I'm introverted and silly.  I like Lord of the Rings, horror movies,Kpop, books and reading in general, anime(especially Yu Yu Hakusho and Sailor Moon), as well as both cooking and baking(and eating lol). Would love to own a house with...


25 / Man / Single / ha noi


35 / Woman / Single / Clifton Park

Shy but willing to discuss cats, video games, and nerd culture. I’m a cosplayer who loves sewing beautiful gowns. I have a lot of hobbies including sewing and crafting as well as painting. I am a bit of a social media addict and I stream video games.  I am a Whovian,...


26 / Woman / Single / Bristol

Hi, I am a Happy positive person. I have been told that i am kind,funny and a bit crazy in a good way ;). I like arts and crafts i can't really draw but i love making things this includes candles,cold pressed soaps and using clay. I am an animal lover and...


33 / Woman / Single / Whitby


40 / Viktoripmf


62 / Svetlanaqih


20 / Eldartcj


52 / Man / Divorced / Tecumseh


35 / Woman

Hi and welcome! I am here seeking for my swan, my soulmate. I know he/she is out there somewhere. Not so long ago I found out after so long of a search of what I am; asexual. I have no sexual interest or sex drive. I am a life-long celibate....

Mel Fichter

40 / Woman / Single / Littlerock


54 / Woman / Married / Titusville

I am introverted and a little slow to open up... but once I get started.... I enjoy movies, amusement parks, beaches, swimming, hiking, sight-seeing, reading, and astronomy.  I love animals and have a couple cats and dogs.  I work full time and just earned my doctorate in Criminology.  I'm just...


33 / Woman / Single / Baltimore


33 / Woman / Single / Tulsa

Live in Tulsa, OK my whole life. Would love to move elsewhere though. Neurodivergent & dealing with mental health issues. Am kind of weird lol but would love to meet other people, i'm not opposed to being interested in romantic relationships, but not actively searching for that either. Have a...

Jade (kik name: Jinxxed_purdygirl)

33 / Woman / Single / Arapahoe, Ne.


36 / Woman / Separated / Barrington


38 / Woman / Single

Taylor Crews

29 / Woman / Single / Clawson

I'm a Panromantic Asexual (as far as I know). Currently a graduate student focusing on animal behavior research. I'm a nerd at heart, and love nothing more than a day spent playing dnd, gaming with friends, and working on my next build for ComicCons. I also love to spend time...

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