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28 / Woman / Single / London

I never know how to fill these out, so I'm going to explain that I'm a procrastinator by telling you how much I hate filling these out, rather than actually filling it out. Terrible procrastination issues aside, I'm fairly geeky and have a questionable sense of humour. I'm actually biromantic but...


31 / Woman / Single / Newcastle upon Tyne

I love traveling, hiking, being outdoors, films and history. I'm easy going and like to try new things. Trying to be healthier but need more motivation to start going to the gym regularly. Finding it hard to meet people due to my ever changing and unsociable shift pattern.


28 / Woman / Single / Tokyo

Canadian girl living in Tokyo, Japan with an overwhelming obsession for Pokémon, anime and voice-acting. My interests (if it wasn't already obvious from my picture) include anime and games (mostly Pokémon) but also singing, nature photography, stargazing, travelling and horseback riding (when I get the chance for it, which isn't often,...


26 / Woman / Single

Sooo to be perfectly honest there isn’t anything particularly interesting about me. I have very typical hobbies: reading, watching films, pub quizzing, hand feeding squirrels and playing board games. I’m really into the big nerdy film franchises, and was raised by the Nintendo consoles, so if you’re a bit of...


25 / Woman / Single

I do not like writing about myself. However, I should write anything. I love to drink tea and I would like to try every kind that exists in the world. Every month I try something new in my life and try to learn something new. This month I started learning coding. Just like Aragorn,...


24 / Woman / Single / Hamburg

Hello there! My name is Franziska. I'm an artistic person and as such I love drawing and coming up with stories to illustrate. Having said that, sometimes I consider myself an author or a writer too! I'm into the quiet hobbies, like watching movies or shows, cooking grand meals -...


20 / Woman / Single

John Garcia

32 / Man / Single / Sacramento

Ok, so this is is weird.  I always find it difficult when people ask me to describe myself, but I'll try and do my best and be as honest as possible- warts and all.  First off, I was the inspiration for Weird Al's 'White & Nerdy' video(not really but yes...


57 / Woman / Single / Christchurch

It's quite hard to write something about yourself. I am an introvert, but can be quite gregarious and even a little outrageous for short periods of time. I have a wide range of interests, including but not limited to: Piano, tango dancing, reading, outdoor pursuits, conservation. I also do yoga,...


53 / Man / Single / Christchurch

Bryan de Vantier

26 / Man / Single / Rotorua

I'm a hetero-romantic guy whos main hobby is gaming. I also like reading, but its been ages since I've picked up anything. Books are expensive, I'm broke and it just doesnt feel "right" reading a proper book on an electronic screen to me.

Looking for Love

38 / Woman / Single / Wellington

Rachel Cook

17 / Woman / Single

I’m not on here often so feel free to email me

James Matson

20 / Man / Single / Auckland


33 / Man / Single / South Island

I'm a young professional Kiwi. Quite shy, rather quiet. Enjoy the outdoors, traveling and various hobbies. Sorry I don't have premium membership so I can't send messages and I can't read your messages. However, I can be found on AVEN and ace-book under the same username. Please message me, would love...

Lace griffiths

28 / Woman / Single / Tauranga


23 / Woman / Single / new york


44 / Woman / Single / Wellington


31 / Man / Separated / Christchurch


31 / Man / Single

Amelia Thompson

44 / Woman / Single / Nelson


32 / Man / Single / Dunedin

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