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26 / Woman / Single

I’m an illustrator and animator, love anything about art. I’m planning to study my master degree of illustration in Italy. Love music, nature, poetry, singing, reading,  and also a musical lover.   I can’t send or get messages here. Email: [email protected]



It feels great to discover the place resonating with what i have never understood.  I have a great passion for minimalism, tiny living, and off-grid cabins; recognizing what's essential and favoring experiences and quality relationships. Every place is unique and every culture is interesting, and definitely each one of us...


25 / Woman / Single / Bergamo


56 / Man / Single / Genova


25 / Man / Single

I study for a MSc, work full time and volunteer therefore I'm pretty busy but I miss a person in my life I can lean on and with whom I could share my thoughts with. I enjoy watching movies, tv series, nature -especially mountains-, I like hiking and to travel!


34 / Woman / Single / Norwich

Sarcastic, drier than the Gobi desert. No verbal filter. Daydreamer - likes to think about anything from astrophysics to the Kardashians. Gamer, general nerd, plant hoarder, cat parent, daytrip fan, half decent cook. [email protected] or ShanGogh on Kik    

Simone Ottoni

20 / Man / Single

I am a calm person, kinda shy when i meet new people, but then i am very friendly and kind. I am a pretty calm guy, i don't like disco, i prefer hanging out/going for a walk with my firends and then drinking something.  


30 / Woman / Single / Tokyo

Canadian girl living in Tokyo, Japan with an overwhelming obsession for Pokémon, anime and voice-acting. My interests (if it wasn't already obvious from my picture) include anime and games (mostly Pokémon) but also singing, nature photography, stargazing, travelling and horseback riding (when I get the chance for it, which isn't often,...


31 / Woman / Single / Caserta

Sono una ragazza asessuale che vive a Caserta. Per una serie di motivi ho lasciato l'università ma in seguito ho ripreso gli studi di medicina e spero di laurearmi presto. Sono una persona molto tranquilla che ama viaggiare, passeggiare, la buona cucina...  

Johnny Marra

31 / Man / Single / Roma

Sono un dottore (neolaureato) e ricercatore nell’ambito di ematologia a Roma. Ho origini calabresi ma ho vissuto fino all’età di 24 anni in California. Mi sono trasferito a Roma nel 2015. Nel mio tempo libero amo fare sport, viaggiare, cucinare e suonare il pianoforte. Contact info: +39 331 734 2395

Erin Thought

24 / Woman / Single


36 / Woman / Single / Siena

I’m half American and half Bolivian, I’m originally from the Boston area, I’ve lived in California for six years, Tokyo for four, then back to the Boston area for six years before moving to Spain in 2021. I like dancing, martial arts, comic books (Marvel & manga), video games (Zelda...

Marc Palme

51 / Man / Single / Roma

Hello, still single here. Searching for woman relationship but sex is not the main point of interest. I'm available also for relationship completely no sex. Brain and feeling attraction are at first place for me.  I feel different elements of asexuality: I'm autosexual, bellussexual and also demisexual. So I hope...


34 / Man / Single

Well I'm from '87. I don't speak much, but I appreciate good company.


45 / Man / Single / Milano


27 / Woman


44 / Woman / Single / Los Angeles

I am a free thinker and imaginative dreamer. Two of my greatest passions are history and travel. I have already been to the Caribbean, Mexico, France, Italy, Amsterdam, Belgium, New York and the East Coast, and other parts of the USA and grew up in the Midwest. ...


28 / Man / Single

Hello fellow asexual! I'm a 28 year old guy living in Italy, but originally from Peru. My motto is treating people the same way you want to be treated. Here's a couple of things I like: Traveling | Wine | Food | Animals | Music | Videogames | Nature | Sunsets |...


44 / Woman / Single / Varese

Daniele Braccini

27 / Man / Single / Milan

sonia valdirosa

21 / Woman / Single / Rome

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