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27 / Man / Single / Lakewood


54 / Woman / Separated

I am a compassionate person with a lot of empathy.  I am an introvert and am not real comfortable in crowded social situations.  I would much rather take a walk in a park or go to a zoo or museum than go to a bar or loud party. I love dogs...


35 / Man / Divorced / Bolingbrook

Hello, I haven't been an active member for some time but decided to give this another shot.  I would like to be completely transparent about myself, I believe in honesty and integrity.  I am still searching for a sexless or grey-A life partner who wouldn't mind having a lot of...


27 / Man / Single / London


32 / Woman / Single / Newcastle upon Tyne

I love traveling, hiking, being outdoors, films and history. I'm easy going and like to try new things. Trying to be healthier but need more motivation to start going to the gym regularly. Finding it hard to meet people due to my ever changing and unsociable shift pattern.

Chris Smith

34 / Man / Single / London


45 / Man / Single / Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Low key guy who helps run, Utah Asexuals Social Club.  I do not frequent Asexualitic very often.  You are best able to get a hold of me at one of the group's online or in-person activities. --------------------------------------------------- TikTok: tributestaar FB: Email: [email protected] Utah Asexuals Meetup Group: Utah Asexuals Facebook Group: 


56 / Man / Single / Kitchener


30 / Man / Single / London

I'm pretty laid back but I'll always stand up for what I believe in. I try to be a good and kind person. I'm the guy who knows everyone at work and plays the extrovert to make others more comfortable, but I'm definitely an introvert at heart and I like...


38 / Man / Separated / Dublin

I was married, have children whom I live with. Im very spiritual, I have alot of new age beliefs. Im a nice down to earth boring chap that loves the simple things in life. I'd love to get to know someone on this website, age actually isnt important, its more...

Sophie Thompson

29 / Woman / Single / Hull

So, I’m useless at writing these things! I’m a veterinary nurse so I love animals! Wouldn’t be without them. My main hobby, if you’d call it that, would be video gaming. It can make a bad day better for me. Apart from that I like nice walks, films and TV,...


52 / Man / Divorced / Des Moines


22 / Woman / Single

email: [email protected]


28 / Woman / Single / Charlotte


28 / Man / Single / Cologne

You can find me on Kik: ChristopherRee I'm a little bit introverted, but not shy. I like to travel, I like hiking, long walks, movies, reading and art.


36 / Woman / Single / Raleigh

I am an incredibly shy part-time librarian who enjoys reading (obviously), movies, cheesy sci-fi, video games, theatrical performances (use to dance ballet!), traveling, sketching, and trying new things.


28 / Woman / Single / Albuquerque

I am a 4' 10" 25 year old. I have no specific color but I specifically like things of color in ROYGBIV order. I have a dog named Pyxi Rose. Pyxi is my daughter. I am no longer a full $15 member on here. Facebook might be a better way...


31 / Woman / Single


31 / Woman / Single / Sacramento/Bay Area, CA

Hey You. I am Karen..feel free to call me Karen. I am a hetero-romantic but asexual...if that's a thing. If I fully understand what 'gray/grey' means than I am probably that too. I would define my idea of fun in many different forms. A...



I like to take things slowly and organically!  Just getting to know each other as people! Long-term day-to-day stability, little affectionate actions, and mutual understanding is what I strive for if we're compatible, as friends or otherwise! If you need a label for me, the best I can give at the moment...


21 / Woman / Single

Not on here much, site seems sketch, my snap is floral_hair, add me on there or discord (in-the-neighborhood#5642) and I'll 100% chat with you.

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