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44 / Woman / Separated / Savannah



I like to take things slowly and organically!  Just getting to know each other as people! Long-term day-to-day stability, little affectionate actions, and mutual understanding is what I strive for if we're compatible, as friends or otherwise! If you need a label for me, the best I can give at the moment...

Canan Raser

18 / Single

I am agender, panromantic, trans (ftm but still agender), polyamorous (yet still single somehow), INTJ, a huge nerd in the head, and a hopeless romantic at heart. I love the sciences, movies, writing and reading, poetry, music, baking, video games, dark humor, etc. The list goes on, but I don’t...

Oak Tree

33 / Man / Single / Pirot

I'm cupioromantic, sex and touch repulsed hardcore antisexual (literal asexual). I am old soul with little boy heart and man body. You can see me in this video: Hey girls (players): I have a schatje. For this reason, do not waste your time by texting me. I wish you all good...


31 / Man / Single / Indiana

Drifting through the universe trying to make sense of the chaos. Born and raised in NYC, currently living in Fort Wayne, Indiana because it's cheaper lol. I'm a graphic designer/digital marketer and an author/singer songwriter piecing a broken mask back together song by song and scene by scene. My soundtrack is...


49 / Woman / Divorced

I am fun, nice, sweet person , down to earth , I enjoy keeping busy and doing things, I like all kinds of music and dancing , all kind of movies. I am very much so kinded heart and love making people be happy. I love people of all color and  race,...


18 / Woman / Single / Brisbane

Professional Groom and Dressage Rider, cat and horse lover... Marvel obsessed and overall geek! I play lots of sports including fencing, dressage, cross country.. as well as musical. in addition to the MCU, I love Harry Potter, ATLA, Hunger Games, overall movie lover. Live in Australia but moving to the...


40 / Man / Single / London

Why should you get to know me? That's difficult to type without either sounding clichéd, like I'm selling a dining table or like I'm applying for a job I have no chance of getting, so, I shall begin.. Tall, dark, handsome, excellent legs, good finish, lots of character, flexible, willing to...


29 / Man / Single / London

I'm pretty laid back but I'll always stand up for what I believe in. I try to be a good and kind person. I'm the guy who knows everyone at work and plays the extrovert to make others more comfortable, but I'm definitely an introvert at heart and I like...


27 / Man / Single / Santa Cruz, CA

I can't believe how long it has taken me to get to writing this section...Perhaps because I continue to learn about who I am and what I want every day. Just when I think I understand myself some big realization comes and shakes everything back up again. Anyway, I'm just...


34 / Woman / Single / London

  I like reading, cinema, hiking & bird watching, sewing, gardening (except I don't have a garden so instead have an excessive amount of houseplants), live comedy, and seeing friends. I like to think of myself as interesting and funny, but then who doesn't?


31 / Woman / Single / Leicestershire

Hi I’m Charlie. I’m friendly, love movies, tv shows and books. I have a degree in film production, but currently work as an artworker. I’m currently working on changing my career to incorporate my degree more. I’ve just started learning acoustic guitar. Which I’m really enjoying. I also love swimming when...


29 / Man / Single / Watford

As I don't have the full membership. You can find me on kik - JMC10000 or Snapchat - Norx_1991 I've just started really looking into this area of myself and everything is starting to makes more sense than anything I've come across before. I'm a very chatty person (A little shy at first)...

Chris Smith

33 / Man / Single / London


22 / Man / Single / St. Petersburg

Hey! I'm a grad student living in St. Pete, FL studying accounting. I love nature/animals, films of all kinds (especially horror), art, and just chilling out with friends and having a solid conversation. Once we link up on this, my snap is atravis055 if you want to chat since not...


29 / Woman / Single / Lower Silesia

I'm sensitive soul and like to follow by individual life paths : )) My world is connected by sport, music, cultural studies, linguistic, natural and unconventional medicine, mysticism. I l try to live in fullness of love, harmony, peace and always be in...

Sophie Thompson

28 / Woman / Single / Hull

So, I’m useless at writing these things! I’m a student veterinary nurse so I love animals! Wouldn’t be without them. My main hobby, if you’d call it that, would be video gaming. It can make a bad day better for me. Apart from that I like nice walks, films and...


26 / Woman / Single

Hello there! I'm Em, French & 25 y.o. I hope you are doing alright, taking care of yourself and those that are important to you! Lockdown was an eye opener for me and I am now trying to figure where I fit in on the gender spectrum. So please be as neutral...

Aislynn d'Merricksson

43 / Woman / Single / Pacifica

Find me on insta: drjadmerricksson or Discord: {SYTH} Rev'arric#7337 Author, poet, runeweaver, metaphysicist, archaeologist. Rokkatru pagan with Druidic and core shamanism influences. Loki is my Patron. Practising Stoic. Voracious reader. Sci-fi fantasy nerd. Trekkie. X-phile. Sherlockian. I am a published author, writing in a sci-fi fantasy subgenre called arcanepunk. I have a BA in anthropology & psychology, and...

Stephen Schneider

24 / Man / Single / Peoria

Cheeri-o! I'm generally a very quiet, unemotional person, but I love to have fun! I am an introvert by nature, and I spend much of my time thinking. I used to be very shy, but I've managed to overcome that in recent years. I am occasionally boisterous and love making jokes,...


60 / Woman / Single / Paris

SENSITIVE PROVOCATEUR/Extrovert AND Introvert. Absurd Challenge to Play in a Deserted Land. Asexual.Most people are but don't say. We are the Future.Past and present. There seems to be 3 types of asexuals: The vast majority are monogamous couples in a relationship or married. The second category are the ones who still looking to plant their flag...


26 / Man / Single / Lakewood


31 / Woman / Single / Newcastle upon Tyne

I love traveling, hiking, being outdoors, films and history. I'm easy going and like to try new things. Trying to be healthier but need more motivation to start going to the gym regularly. Finding it hard to meet people due to my ever changing and unsociable shift pattern.

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