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26 / Man / Single

Hi everyone. My name is Tom and I am currently studying business economics in Rotterdam.  II really like to make/play some music. This could be piano, guitar or singing. I also like to go to festivals or have a night out. My other interests are series/movies, soccer/football, traveling, hanging out with friends...


32 / Woman / Single / Nice

Je suis passionnée par le sport et les voyages. J'ai une âme aventurière, limite casse-cou. Je suis toujours prête à faire de nouvelles découvertes culturelles, culinaires... Si vous voulez en savoir plus, il suffit de demander. I am passionate about the sport and travel. I have an adventurous soul, daredevil limit. I...


31 / Man / Single / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


27 / Man / Single / Berkeley

Pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering – studying light and hoping to learn more about how the world around me operates. Highly introverted and kinda see myself as a silent observer to this weird and often displeasing movie of life.  Socially awkward... Love being in nature and visiting remote scenic...


35 / Woman / Single / Waterford

I am a warm, witty, thoughtful person with distinctly geekish leanings, especially where my taste in tv shows and books are concerned. Looking to connect with others from anywhere in the world, to make new friends, share ideas, just have a chat.


31 / Woman / Prefer not to say

I'm quite shy when I first meet people but tend to warm up to others relatively quickly. I enjoy hiking, being out in nature  but also love to stay in and watch movies or play video games. Feel free to add me on Facebook


32 / Man / Single / Greenhithe, Kent

I tend to be on the quiet side, I am more of a listener than a talker. I am calm, sensitive natured some might say reserved. My friends describe me as a caring guy and i am trustworthy, many of my friends seem to tell me all their problems. I like...


23 / Woman / Separated

my email (can't PM) for more about me You can also PM on Facebook by looking up the name Jipsi Leigh


33 / Woman / Single / Belfast

I am 30 years old and a plus size girl (just in case that matters to you). It has only been recently that I have found out that I am in fact Asexual. I always thought I was just weird because I couldn't figure out my sexuality. I knew...


49 / Man / Single / glasgow

Kinda quiet ..but have a cheeky side also..get on with most ...enjoy concerts, got a wide range of music walking about city's..and looking at the architecture..going up north Scotland , beautiful scenery.. Be great to meet someone..


22 / Woman / Single / Minneapolis

I need to rewrite this whole section, so I'm working on that. I'm just a student right now working on a Teaching English as a Second Language degree and an English Literature Education degree who recently got hired as a tutor for middle and high schoolers. I'm interested in foreign languages...


24 / Single

Hello, I’m Lisa! Firstly I’m bad at this and I’m extremely introverted but here I am putting myself out there and giving this a go. I enjoy movies, travelling and listening to music. Im an honest person so I won’t lie, I take a while to warm up to people and sometimes...

Fenicia Rosario


I love to be around positive people who can bring something in the relationship  such as inspiration, encouragement, and support,  whether it be a platonic  or an intimate one. I am a people person, a caring individual and can be spontaneous. My favorite quote is, “live each day as if...


33 / Man / Single / Cambridge

Im a country boy through and though. I work on a farm, love animals. I have two dogs, a Kelpie and a Belgian Shepherd which i enjoy taking for long walks. Im at the age now where I would rather be at home watching tv by the fire or a quite...


24 / Woman / Single / Shanghai

Always don't know how to write this... ... I am an illustrator and animator. I prefer arts. I prefer dogs. I prefer the color green. I prefer exceptions. I prefer to leave early. I prefer talking to you something unique. I prefer the old fine-lined illustrations. I prefer the absurdity of writing poems. I prefer visiting different countries. I prefer Grimms's...

Sam aub

37 / Man / Divorced / Sydney

I'm Lebanese I was born in Lebanon but I have been living in Australia since I was 12 I'm a single dad so I was married before

Matt S

37 / Man / Single / Bremerton, WA

I've often been described as still being a teenager mentally; I just wish I could still be a teenager physically as well.  I like to pursue a variety of outdoor activities, from Scuba to rock climbing to ultimate frisbee.  I get bored easily and like to keep myself busy. I am...


23 / Man / Single / Brisbane


22 / Woman / Single / Łódź

I'm a 3rd year medical student. I enjoy various types of physical activity (biking, skating, climbing and running) but won't say no to a lazy day in with snacks and a good movie. If you feel like talking here's how you can reach me: ✨



Hey there! I'm a last year biomedical diagnostics student with a dream to become a forensic scientist one day. Also I'm a former musician & dancer as I did both of those things for over ten years. When it comes to my personality type, I'm an INFJ - so basically if...


38 / Man / Single / Haifa

Well educated, high income, very relaxed and attentive. I enjoy studying, interested in philosophy, art and culture. Looking for someone to share experiences with.


31 / Woman / Single / Chattanooga

I enjoy jigsaw puzzles, reading books, podcasts (welcome to nightvale, critical role, mysterious universe, unexplained, etc), and the company of my cats. I’m best suited for the indoors. I have been dabbling in drinking tea lately and trying different kinds of cheese. I don’t watch a lot of television but enjoy...

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