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26 / Woman / Single

I'm a transportation engineer by day, and I like to keep active after work hours; but sometimes I can be a major couch potato too. Some things I enjoy spending my time on are playing and watching sports, shows and movies, and video games. I also love spending time with friends...


43 / Man / Single / Doncaster

Pleased to meet you,I’m David. I am currently working towards entering the Audiobook Narration Industry after spending several years in the past working in Theatre and Voice Overs. I love to travel and explore and was in the US until the beginning of June last year I would love to build a friendship/relationship...


37 / Woman / Single / London

I am optimistic, adventurous and love to travel above everything else. My favorite activities are: hiking in the mountains, going on roadtrips, photography and stargazing. I don't spend much time at home but if  I do I like watching scifi movies and tv shows, or just listen to music. I love exploring out...


42 / Man / Single / Victoria

I'm a former English teacher turned librarian, and have been a rugby coach even longer. Talk about spanning the spectrum from geek to jock, eh? I've been called by many "not of this time" or that I was "born in the wrong era". I love history, old movies and music,...

Chris Faiola

25 / Man / Single / Niles

Hello, my name is Chris, I am currently 22. I am a 2015 graduate. I went to a vocational school for my last two years of high school. I am a complete history nerd.  If you are not interested in a relationship I still want to talk so shoot me...


46 / Man / Single / Tel Aviv

Well, i'm asexual, hetero-romantic, use to be literature teacher for few years but now i work in an office and also a content writer. learned humanities for two degrees, i like classical music mostly, reading nice books, playing the piano little bit, talking with each other and i'm many other...

Sam aub

39 / Man / Divorced / Sydney

I'm Lebanese I was born in Lebanon but I have been living in Australia since I was 12 I'm a single dad so I was married before


33 / Man / Single / Toronto


28 / Man / Single / Paris


44 / Man / Divorced / seattle

my life is a morrissey song. I'm not going to tell you which one it is. chaotic neutral. if you know what that means, we'll get along wonderfully. well, maybe not if you're lawful good. stupid paladins. I'm an extroverted introvert, if that makes sense. in the right situation, I'm willing to...


44 / Man / Single

Hi! My name is Johnny, but its also my dad's name so most people call me Jodie to keep us separate, and it has kinds stuck. I am biologically male, but also i have a divided soul, so i chose not to stick to a label and enjoy the best of...


32 / Man / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


24 / Woman / Single / Portland OR

My name is Alyssa and I am a 23-year-old Civil Engineer. I would describe myself as a kind-hearted, intelligent person. I have been a vegetarian for 8 years. I love to crochet, bake and do nice things for people that I care about.


23 / Woman / Single / London

I am a nerd at heart, love baking, watching movies and playing video games. Some people think of me as an extrovert but I love staying in for a quiet night as much as I like going out. In the future I think it's a possibility for me to adopt...


41 / Man / Single / London

Why should you get to know me? That's difficult to type without either sounding clichéd, like I'm selling a dining table or like I'm applying for a job I have no chance of getting, so, I shall begin.. Tall, dark, handsome, excellent legs, good finish, lots of character, flexible, willing to...


28 / Woman / Single


24 / Woman / Single / Salamanca

Hello everyone! My name is Marta, I’m a 24 years old girl from Spain, in a beautiful city called Salamanca. I consider myself as demisexual grayromantic/arromantic. I really like traveling and visiting new places, museums, exhibitions… I love reading books, watching many interesting film, listening to my favourite artists and learning languages. I’m...


25 / Woman / Single / Portland

I'm a fairly introverted person who adores friends like they're family and tends to spend a lot of time indoors reading, writing or being on the internet. I'm a happily self-pronounced geek with a love for most nerdy obsessions, books, films, etc. Seriously, let's nerd out and I'll be happy. Otherwise...


24 / Man / Single / Green Lane


27 / Man / Single / Andromeda Galaxy

I'm an introverted individual (INTP) sapiosexual. I love science, nature, video games, and movies/series. in other words I'm a typical geek. I love to have long discussions about the purpose of life INTP personality

Rob Lenrick

34 / Man / Single / Michiana

Hi Everybody!  You know what?  "I love cats!  I love every kind of cat!"  LOL And if you get THAT reference, then we're gonna be fast friends!  If not, no problems, it was silly and "ain't nobody got time for that" anyway!  ; D But seriously, I'm "a riddle wrapped in a...

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