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Octavio Sevilla

23 / Man / Single / Guadalajara

Im tall (187cm) i think its the first thing people notice when they see me xd i study law im almost a lawyer i think this 2019 i will be a lawyer xd i love to study  law, math, chemestry, medicine and physycs but i aIso love to enjoy play...


30 / Woman / Single

instagram:  massiosare_tirano bookmooch: clavel


34 / Man / Single / London


25 / Woman / Single


43 / Man / Separated / Los Angeles

Vanessa the fox

31 / Woman / Single / Hasselt

Hey hey! I'm Vanessa. I'm a male-to-female transgender. I''m on HRT since newyear 2016-2017 I'm a  an anime-otaku and love listening to nineties music and punkrock. (not listeing like this website writes it) A bit interested in history and geography and stuff like that as well. I'm sweet, funny and a bit...


40 / Man / Single / montreal

Honesty is my coin  


34 / Woman / Single / Singapore

- Introvert gamer girl in Singapore - Demisexual/graysexual and demiromantic. Am not averse to physical touch, cuddling etc., but only after I've warmed up to the person, which can take months. - Am a copywriter by day, which I admit makes me a bit of a grammar Nazi, although I try to...

Roberto Tejeda

21 / Man / Single / Glendale

Heavily into politics, hoping to leave a better world for those younger than I; specifically I’m into history/current events relating to war, economics, corruption, espionage, & murder. Though I’m not bigheaded when sharing thoughts, always willing to admit what I don’t know and live to learn from anyone anywhere. Love...


46 / Man / Single / New York


32 / Man / Single / Allentown

I'm a easy comfy guy. More of a Netflix and chill kind of person. I love to cook, hiking, random adventures. Love going to concert and traveling. Mario kart is the best game ever. If you like to know more about me look me up on Instagram jaytothebay


27 / Woman / Single / London

Hi, everyone. My name is Katarina and I'm asexual person. I'm interested in Japanese culture. I love manga & anime & cosplay & japanese music. I learn japanese language. I like also gothic/metal style and ofcourse - metal and rock music ^^


31 / Woman / Single / Brunswick

Panromantic Asexual. Stoner. Gamer. Cat mum. Georgia native. Movie lover, especially horror. I’m super shy and introverted, so please send me a message or something if you’d like to talk to me. I’m not good at making friends. Twitter: @aquafae Instagram: FadedFaery Email: [email protected]


19 / Man / Single / Atlanta

Kris Labovitch

23 / Man / Single / Boston

Kyra Carmack

25 / Woman / Single / Philadelphia

I am a homoromantic asexual who is genderfluid. I prefer she/her/hers pronouns. I love to draw and write and have always been a fan of listening to and telling stories. I love anime and I love to design and make my own cosplays. I am an animal lover and have...


22 / Woman / Single

Stephen Schneider

22 / Man / Single / Peoria

Cheeri-o! I'm generally a very quiet, unemotional person, but I love to have fun! I am an introvert by nature, and I spend much of my time thinking. I used to be very shy, but I've managed to overcome that in recent years. I am occasionally boisterous and love making jokes,...


23 / Woman / Single / Long beach


19 / Woman / Single / Decatur

Laf Leung

39 / Man / Single / Hong Kong


26 / Man / Single / Chicago

According to my friends I'm the sweetest person you'll ever me with a tender heart and a grounding presence. They say I'm thoughtful, fiercely loyal, witty, and honest. Books: Warriors Don't Cry, Been Here All Along, Catcher in the Rye, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, and anything from Jenny Lawson.Movies:...

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