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29 / Man / Single / Milwaukee

My name is Jeremiah and I am 29 years old. I have high-functioning Autism but I am social butterfly. I speak at some conferences occasionally around Wisconsin. I enjoy learning about new things and traveling. I am very close with my family and my dogs. I like to play games...


31 / Man / Single / Lynn - Boston

When not quarantining, I'm usually out with friends, playing in different coed leagues (soccer or volleyball usually) or hanging at breweries. Hit me up IG @geno.forpresident Aceapp: GAnderson Telegram/kik @genolma


33 / Woman / Single / Dhaka

Oak Tree

33 / Man / Single / Pirot

I am a graduated did my Master of Science at Department of Physics. I like to swim and play violin. You can see me in this video: You can write me here too: I'm cupioromantic, sex and touch repulsed hardcore antisexual (literal asexual). So asexuals in...


27 / Man / Single / Kalisz


37 / Woman / Married

Malik seya

49 / Man / Single / Washington D. C.


44 / Woman / Divorced / Vienna

I am a homely person. I like my home, watching TV, going for a walk with my dog. I also have a passion for England, it‘s the country I prever to travel.  

Octavio Sevilla

25 / Man / Single / Guadalajara


19 / Woman / Single

I am a hopeless romantic, shy, sensitive girl who has problems talking to people but when I'm not being shy I like to joke around and listen to other people I enjoy watching movies (mainly animated and horror), Watching YouTube videos, Playing video games whether its Nintendo or story based like...

J-P (kik: jpjcity)

40 / Man / Single / Toronto

I am asexual interested in meeting another asexual Does it exist?


27 / Woman / Single

Future cat-lady in the making.


27 / Man / Single / Boone

GOOFY & SILLY are probably the 2 words that describe me the best! I would say my goofiness and silliness are definitely byproducts of my striving to be as thankful, humble, caring, and empathetic as I can in life. When I’m not focused on work and relinquishing single'dom, my biggest passion...


32 / Woman / Living together / Altamonte Springs

Hey there you guys my name is Tina and I live in Florida. I'm looking to find people to chat/ converse with. I am currently in a very free spirited and beautiful relationship so I'm not looking for anything romantic at the moment. If you want to chat feel free to...


33 / Woman / Single

Always looking to meet new people from all over the world. My interests include;

  • British Sign Language (BSL) and Deaf culture
  • Disability, homeless and mental health issues
  • Yoga
  • Aerial silks
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Performing Arts
  • Creative writing
  • Dance
  • Keyboard
  • Volunteering
Feel free to ask me if you want to know more. I'm very...


29 / Man / Single / London

I'm pretty laid back but I'll always stand up for what I believe in. I try to be a good and kind person. I'm the guy who knows everyone at work and plays the extrovert to make others more comfortable, but I'm definitely an introvert at heart and I like...


24 / Man / Single

Write me on Instagram : ncrnomarkovic


27 / Man / Single / Phoenix

Jon mayfield

23 / Man / Single / Virginia beach


33 / Woman / Single / Fort Myers, FL

As for me? I'm The Advocate” (INFJ-T) I'm...


19 / Woman / Single

I'm a pretty introverted person. Just 5-10 minutes at a party and I need a nap. I'm studying Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics. I'm hoping to get into the engineering track. Even though those are all sciences, I still love the arts. I'm getting into painting snd experimenting with different...


48 / Man / Single / Los Angeles Downtown

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