Who is your favorite character in YOI and why?

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    Hehe, I’m new to this site and the groups as well. Sorry all if this is sub-par discussion leading. I want to put this question out there though, just in case I catch any Yuri on Ice fans skating on by. Sooo my dear fellow YOI watchers, who is your favorite character and why?

    I really loved Yuuri right off the bat. Ugly crying in a bathroom stall really resonated with me I guess. The slow reveal of how much he is an unreliable narrator is the best, and I never love him less for it. I can only relate more!

    Most of all though, I think I really admire his passion and love that takes on many non-sexual forms. And well…yes, while he seems to be delving more and more into his eros side, which does seem like it’s real and present in his life, that is still not the forefront of his affection and relationships. Eros doesn’t drown out the many other kinds of intimacy Yuuri shares with others. This is what I find refreshing and endearing.

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