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    I run two WordPress blogs at the moment and am extremely satisfied. It’s user friendly, the design is neat, the support team is great… However, my blogs are mainly long articles and quite theme specific.

    There are also just small thoughts or questions that pass through your head, opinions you wish to share, a YouTube video or photo you’ve just taken and wish to share, tiny thoughts of randomness that you still wish to share, short announcements, …

    I doubt I can integrate those in my WordPress blogs where long articles are the norm.

    Twitter and Tumblr seem both good options for those other “tiny thoughts, announcements and small talk”. However, where lies the exact difference? Both are microblogs with quite short messages or pictures. Both can include a @username to notify that member he’s been blogged about. Both allow # to indicate the key words in the blog entry. Both allow pictures. Both allow to follow and be followed. So they seem very similar.

    My perception seems to be that more politicians, artists, activists, writers, musicians, etc are on Twitter (you could just as well have your tweet written by Barack Obama or by Fidel Castro if you’re Lucky they have time to personally read your tweets where their @username has been included). on Tumblr I could not found as many artists, politicians etc although some have accounts on both. Lykke Li even uses Tumblr for her official website. But overall it seems more people are on Twitter, and since the art I make is mainly about breaking taboos regarding psychological disorders, it is handy when you can raise awareness and get some celebrities involved. Twitter seems to have more of those than Tumblr. But still many people tell me to opt for Tumblr. I am not sure where the target audiences would differ.

    So can anyone explain me, without bias, the differences between both?


    PS: Final question for now (until someone can answer): is it correct that you can set up Tumblr that way that each blog entry on Tumblr automatically is published as a tweet too on your Twitter account, so that in fact your blog posts are simultaneously published both in your Twitter account and in your Tumblr blog?

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