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    I know I make up a bunch of excuses for staying at my place. I like being at home with my pet rabbit and just chillin. But there is always that feeling of needing to find “ur people” it has been eating away at me for years but meeting people?!?! I suck at that, drives me nuts that I have a hard time making friends. But I know I need to, I am comfortable being alone, but I’m not comfortable being lonely.


    I’m in a very similar position. When I found out about asexuality 7 years ago I initially embraced it as it explained how I was feeling, (or not feeling) but as time has gone on and I’ve reached 40 years old I now realise that I have let myself drift away from the few friends I do have because we have less and less in common, with me being eternally single (I’m aromantic too) and them all being married with kids.

    I enjoy my alone time but the loneliness is creeping in more and more these days and it’s extremely difficult to reconcile the two.


    Thanks for sharing that. I get the drifting away bit. I moved away from my hometown so therefore moved away from friends. A lot of my friends tend to not acknowledge/or care that I am asexual because they keep trying to “talk me out of it”, or choose to not talk to me about relationships because I wouldn’t understand, this one hurts more than them not acknowledging it. So I know that is what has me drifting away.


    I’m a very shy lone wolf. I don’t think drinking and clubbing are good times. Sadly I have this attitude that if I get any precious free time, I will just show myself a good time and if someone comes along fine. If not then that’s ok to. I’m also so busy doing errands on my free time.

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