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    What has your experience as an ACE INFJ been like? Many in the ACE community tend to feel lonely, misunderstood, and rare. Much about this can be said about the INFJ as well. Has having a double dose of misunderstood and lonely/rare made life difficult for you? Or have you embraced it?

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    Definitely embraced it :))


    I have a feeling a lot of INFJs will just decline to respond, as is at least my nature. But a deep connection is what we sometimes yearn for, right?

    To answer the question, I was lonely. I didn’t fit in anywhere because I never cared to discuss the cute boys or girls. Even among the gay community, I was an outsider. It did not compute. Once I learned about asexuality, it all made sense. I was different, but in an entirely new way and unique way.

    So I learned to embrace it. I am greatly misunderstood. Even more-so as an ace woman in the military. My career field is predominately male. I let them assume whatever they want of the short-haired woman, but I am not afraid to explain what an ace is. It’s who I am.


    Yeah. I always feel like an outsider. I think it is most important to surround yourself with people who accept you. Which I have had but am in a place in my life where I don’t have that anymore.

    That is what I am realizing now entering my 30’s. So I am learning to embrace because it is not gonna change anytime soon! And it is empowering to do so 🙂

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