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    I’d be curious to know if there is a commonality between INFJ’s/Ace’s regarding their top two love languages (how they best receive love), and the top two love languages (how they most prefer to show love).

    What are your:
    Top two love languages for receiving as well as showing love?


    Great question and great book! I even mention this in my profile.

    For showing love, my top two “languages” are Quality Time and Gifts. I enjoy cuddling with my (future) partner while watching a movie or talking about our days. As far as Gifts, I’m a bit of a romantic and enjoy making handmade treasures to share.

    And when it comes to feeling loved, Acts of Service top the list. Any time someone does even the smallest thing to help make my day a little easier, that love tank just overflows with appreciation. Let’s see … the second Love Language that works well for me is Physical Touch. Hand holding snuggles or other forms of contact are great reminders that I’m loved. But being INFJ, I’m still an introvert and will need some alone time, especially if we’ve been to a party or other energetic/crowded spot.

    Wow I’ve just covered four of the five Love Languages haven’t I? What about you guys?

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