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    Jonathon N

    There’s nothing in the forums, so I guess we can just chat?

    Renee Franklin

    sure, I’ve noticed not many forums are active at all, ppl seem to join them then ignore them. 🙁


    Hi. New here. First time embracing being an ace. Kind of scared to tell parents tho. They want grand kids lol


    it is becoming a problem I guess i am gonna try replying in all the forums then check daily to see if I can get a reply back so I can then continue a conversation.


    very new to all this, for a life time (aka my entire life, until about 6 months ago) i thought there was just something inherently wrong with me because the mere thought of doing anything more than hugging someone makes me feel physically ill. it makes me sad sometimes because i want company and love and a family, but i’ve never dated in my 26 years and never met anyone who can relate to how i feel.

    Nicole Joyce

    I joined this hoping to meet more people that are ace but it seems that it’s harder to get a response from people this is the only forum that has a recentish post, anyway just wanted to say hi add me as a friend if you want, I accept everyone 🙂


    Hello! I’m new here too. I just saw this group for inexperienced aces and am super excited because this means I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! Sorry, didn’t mean to shout:) It’s nice to know that others thought something was wrong with themselves too before discovering asexuality is an ok thing to be.


    I am new to this site as well. And would like to find someone to chat about this. I think identifying as ace is one thing but there are still so many other things that you have to figure out about yourself.


    Also new here! And equally excited to find an understanding community and talk about (as Kim said) not just our sexuality, but also the other parts that make us ‘us’. Assuming it’s fine to present a kick-starter question, what was it/has it been like joining a site of this nature? A lot of you have mentioned difficulty finding other asexuals in your local communities (amen to that), so can I ask how you came across this site and what the experience has been like so far? Like I said, I am new and eager to hear about it!

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