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    I am from Belgium and while living in Brussels, I have been to virtually any small city the country has to offer. Once I had the feeling I knew my own country inside out, I looked abroad.

    I have lived in:
    – Dublin
    – Belfast (surprisingly pleasant, especially the arts scene)
    – Istanbul (beauty is everywhere!)
    – Berlin
    – Prague (horrible)
    – Barcelona (love it!!)

    I have been tourist in:
    – Netherlands (Utrecht, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Maastricht, some smaller towns too)
    – Luxembourg
    – France (Paris, Lille, Arras, Cap Griz-Nez and Cap Blanc-Nez and surrounding towns)
    – other German cities: Dresden, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Potsdam, Trier, Koblenz, Aachen
    – Szczecin (Poland)
    – Salzburg (Austria)
    – Denmark (round trip including all cities except Odense, the highest point of the country, and the northernmost beach at Skagen)
    – Italy (visited Lignano, Bibione, Grado, Udine, Venezia, Trieste)
    – Croatia (Kvarner Islands twice)
    – Glasgow (Scotland)
    – England (mainly Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds)
    – other Irish places: Longford, Newbridge, Naas, Dun Laoghoire, Dalkey, Greystones, Cork and surroundings, Wexford, Limerick, Galway and surrounding countryside and coast, Aran Islands, Dundalk
    – other Northern Irish places: Dungannon, Lisburn, Londonderry/Derry, Bangor, Holywood, Limavady, and driven through a few more
    – other Czech places: Brno, a few countryside towns, Karlovy Vary (the only Czech town I actually liked)
    – other Spanish places: Benidorm, L’Alfaz del Pi, Miami Platja, Cambrils, Altea, Reus, Castelldefells, Sitges, Mura, Girona, Badalona, some Industrial suburbs of Barcelona
    – Norway: Oslo, and Aalesund

    I don’t consider myself well travelled. I’ve mainly seen Europe, but it takes more than 1 continent before you can call youself a true traveller. And living in 6 countries sounds spectacular, but except Turkey it was all European Union soil.

    Georgia Lewis

    I love talking about travel with others who have travelled. I currently live in my hometown, a small farming community in Central California. I tried to join a new travel club in the area, but everyone who attended only wanted to go to Tuscany, and didn’t really even venture into the next town just 15 miles away. These were NOT my people!

    For a period of my life, I lived in a variety of places in Asia. Indonesia, Kuwait, and Kazakhstan. While I lived in those locations, I had the opportunity to visit a lot of different places.
    Gold Coast, Australia
    Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, and Malaka, Malaysia
    Phuket, Thailand
    Various spots around the islands of Sumatra, Java, and Lombok, Indonesia
    Dubai, UAE
    Athens, Greece
    Several cities in England, Scotland and Ireland

    Domestically, on the North American continent, I’ve been to Calgary, Banff, Penticton, and Victoria, Canada. Camped in Ensenada, Mexico. Been to all the western U.S. states, including Alaska and Hawaii. Florida (Disneyworld). Louisiana (Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, plus some smaller southern communities). Green Mountain, VT. Houston and San Antonio, Texas.

    I just returned from a trip to London. On the way back, stopped for a couple nights in Boston. Would love to go back to Boston! Gorgeous city!


    Wow, you two have been to quite a number of places!

    I myself have lived in Florida (born and raised), the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Busan, South Korea and now I’m living in Dresden, Germany.

    I’ve travelled all over the US, but as you know, it’s a large country, so I feel like I’ve hardly made a dent – I’ve been to fewer than 20 states. Sadly, I wasn’t able to travel much in Argentina. I travelled quite a lot around South to Seoul, Jeju Island, Yeosu, Masan, Daeju, Gyeonju and others. In Germany, I’ve been to Berlin, Heidelberg (studied abroad there for a summer), Mannheim, Mainz, Stuttgart, Frankfurt am Main, Münster, Leipzig, and a few other smaller cities.

    I’ve also been to Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan, Shanghai, China, Oslo, Norway some smaller towns and cities in Denmark, the Netherlands, France, and Canada, Wroclaw and Zgorzelec, Poland, and Prague (which I love, unlike Ani). I feel like I’m missing a place, but maybe not.

    I’m thinking of going to Shannon, Ireland at the end of this month for a weekend. Where do you think your next stop will be?


    Nice to meet all of you.
    You’ve lived in some impressive places!

    I grew up in the West Indies with American parents, commuted back and forth to the US. When I was 17 I moved to Kentucky for college but I’ve also lived in Iowa, Colorado, CA, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, but the longest in Kentucky, where I later lived on the family farm. I visited most of the US just traveling around.

    I taught one semester in Hermosillo, MX, and moved to Thailand to teach four years ago to teach and pursue one of my favorite hobbies; extreme bird photography.

    The “extreme” part-I go into jungles, swamps, climb mountains, capture photos of birds in their natural state,with a hand-held Canon 7d, 400mm lens. Not for the faint of heart.

    In Thailand, I’ve lived in Saraburi, Lopburi, Lamnarai in the north, then moved to Nakhon si Thammarat in the south of Thailand, and now I’m in Songkhla, near the Malaysia border, a few minutes from the beach. I keep intending to go back to KY after each term, but the weather is too perfect here, so I keep putting it off until “later.”

    Countries I’ve visited; Canada, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Australia, Tasmania
    I’ve visited or camped in most of the United States.

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    Awesome! Impressive list


    Impressive list!


    My mom always called me her gypsy-child because I can’t sit still more than 6 months before my feet start to itch again.
    So far I’ve lived:

    New Jersey
    New York
    New Mexico
    Washington State
    South Dakota





    If you have lived in so many places, consider yourself to be extremely Lucky. Many of us could only dream of such an impressive amount of places, especially from so many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

    I wanted to ask Korea Republic or Korea DPR, but although the latter has a very few expats, I assume it’s South Korea we’re talking about? 🙂 (there are expats in North Korea though, although only a few hundreds, mostly foreign aid workers and diplomats. The “Dear Leader” is quite selective whom he lets reside in his “workers Paradise” ;))


    Wow, you guys have been to so many places! I’m from the US and my parents are Liberian…

    I’ve been to 43 states- I was born in Texas, then we moved to Pennsylvania, Tennessee and then back to Texas again. I’m going to school in Maryland now.

    Other places I’ve been:
    Ireland (Dublin)

    Canada (Ontario and Vancouver)

    Mexico (Cozumel)

    The Bahamas (Nassau)

    Bolivia (Cochabamba)

    Peru (Lima)

    Germany (Stuttgart)

    France (Paris, Normandy, other places)

    England (London and some other places)

    Liberia (Monrovia, etc)

    Tanzania (Arusha)


    Does anyone have a favorite location that they’ve been to?


    I think everywhere in Thailand is awesome, especially the Andaman Sea Western coast of the southern peninsula.

    But the favorite place I’ve lived is at Kino Beach, Mexico, on the Gulf of CA. The sea was visible from the bedroom window. The bay and area was filled with overwintering waterbirds and rare warblers only seen during the summer in North America. We’d go down to the sea cliffs and rock climb down nearer the water where shoals of large fish blackened the water as far as the eye could see, and Brown Pelicans went past in formation, snatching fish from the sea. Otters played in sea pools below us and herons fished along the shore. I walked to work along the beach, while Boobies and albatrosses dove in feeding frenzies into schools of fish along the beach only yards away.

    I would swim out to body surf waves along with dolphin, who drove fish before them and Mexican fisherman in rowboats followed to scoop up escaping fish. Sometimes I’d fall asleep on a rooftop above the beach and wake in the morning as the dolphin came surfing into the beach, next to the front porch, and see rare sea birds roaming the sand in the first light. I thought I was in paradise.


    Istanbul and Barcelona, without any doubt. Istanbul is pure magic, it’s like an oriental fairytale with beauty all around the city and nothing but idyllic and wonderful places no matter which direction you go. Barcelona is the same but a bit smaller (Istanbul has over 17000000 people, Barcelona about 3000000) but the cultural options are incredibly large. There are artistic things going on virtually any day.

    I must say I do have excellent memories of Belfast too, and to some extent Berlin as well. But if you ask for a favourite place: Istanbul and Barcelona.

    Mind that I adore places like Salzburg and Paris too, but I haven’t lived there, just visited. If you live in a place, it’s easier to have a very good impression of a city rather than a first impression, and you have a lot more memories of a city than when you visit as a tourist (note that memories can work two ways ; the first two weeks in Prague were wonderful, but then I moved there and discovered the beauty of the city was mainly a facade, behind which a lot of ugliness existed too… Maybe the same is true for places like Paris, I don’t know, as I only visited several times my impression was always great, but as a visitor you tend to mainly be impressed by the sights and you don’t know what happens inside the city that people who live there experience every day again)


    Awesome! My daughter loved living in Europe but I never could bring myself to go there.


    Hopefully you can make it here at some point. There are some truly wonderful cities here, be it architecturally (Gent, Venice, Salzburg, Dresden, Prague, …), some extremely vibrant places (Berlin, Amsterdam, …) … and those with a combination of both of course (eg Paris, Barcelona, and I heard lovely stories about London, Edinburgh, Stockholm, Lisbon, …)

    I haven’t been outside of Europe myself, except for the time that I lived in Turkey. I would love to see more of the Middle East, and to travel to East Asia and Africa, and to Cuba (where I have connections via a non-profit organisation I’m in). Israel is the country that attracts me most of all, sadly enough it’s just so diverse that to really see it as a tourist is very hard, and to live there usually requires being Jewish or being partner of a Jew (exceptions exist but are rare).


    I just came back from Turkey and Istanbul was one of my favourite places there along with Pamukkale and Cappadocia, which has a landscape that looks like your on another planet!

    Iceland is at the top of my list though. I love the landscape, the volcanoes with unpronounceable names, and I’m fascinated with their Viking culture (plus they have a church there that looked like Asgard from the Thor movies, it’s crazy)

    I’m from Ontario, Canada and try to go to Montreal for the comedy festival each year. Some other places I’ve been are London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Greece, Guyana, San Diego (for a comic convention though), New York and Florida.

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