Favorite ride at Disney Land!! (Or any of the Disney parks)

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    Who doesn’t love Disney? And what better place for Disney lovers than in a theme park with Disney Merchandise, characters and rides to pick from? I was just curious to know what everyone’s favorites were.


    So, I love Disneyland and I’m pretty sure I always will. I love the magical feel that Disneyland holds and how it allows you to feel young and happy at heart. It’s not just the rides and the characters, it’s the shops and food you can ONLY get in Disneyland!

    My favorite ride in Disneyland would have to be Indiana Jones and if I included California Adventure (because they have made those rides Disney-themed too I would say California Screamin’!

    My favorite area to walk through is back by Indiana Jones and the Jungle Cruise, I don’t know what it is but those are my favorite shops.

    And can I just say that even when I’m 80 years old I will ALWAYS go to the Enchanted Tiki Room at least once during any trip to Disneyland. Call me old fashioned, but that room will always hold a special place in my heart.

    So what about you?

    Jerry E.

    Favorite Rides in Disneyland are Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and Indiana Jones.

    Favorite in CA Adventure is Toy Story.

    Tiki room is a blast.

    Honorable mentions include: Mr. Toad, Jungle Cruise, and Peter Pan.

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