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    Hi all!

    Costumes are a big part of my creative outlet these days (D*Con preparation takes over my summer every year), and every year I make at least one new costume, sometimes two or three.

    I’ve done lots, including a Girl in the Fireplace clockwork automaton, a hideous Sander Cohen from Burial at Sea, Jack Half-a-Prayer and the Brucolac from China Miéville’s books (book costumes are hard), an affectionate redneck take on Marvel’s Loki (to go with my friend’s Thor) that actually made reddit, among many others. Currently I’m working on Famine for a steam/dieselpunk Four Horsemen group, a Motorized Patriot, and a costume for mythological Loki in the style of fabulous fashion designer Erté (that last one just might be the end of me, heh).


    Good evening everyone.
    I have been cosplaying since 2007 when my best friend introduced anime conventions to me. I went to my first con that year dressed as takuto from “Full Moon Wo Sagashite”. I fell in love with the idea of cosplaying ever since and I am best known for My ” Blue ASUNA” from ” Sword Art Online” since i jumped on it right away and was the first person to cosplay as her Blue version back in early 2013. many people have told me that I cosplay the perfect Asuna. I have also cosplayed as
    “Bad Girl” from “NO MORE HEROES”,
    “travis touchdown” genderbend from “NO MORE HEROES”,
    “Hunter” from L4D,
    “Ryoko” from ” KILL LA KILL”,
    “Fluttershy” shed.mlv version,
    and ” Sylveon the dragon slayer” from pokemon.

    Emma Filtness

    Hi, my name is Emma and I’m from Brighton in the UK. I’ve only recently started cosplay, my most recent cosplay was Catherine Willows from CSI and SuperTed. I’m currently revamping SuperTed though my other projects are Marina from Stingray, Ginger from Chicken Run and potentially Lesley Winkle from TBBT. Have a good day.


    Hey I’m Renni, been cosplaying for a few years but not very often. I have done a Tsuna from Katekyo Hitman Reborn and a genderbent Tony Stark. Goal is to do a genderbent Jotun Loki and Teito from 07 Ghost in the future.


    Hello Im Michelle. I have loved costumes ever since I can remember, however I only recently started wearing them not on Halloween, it started as just getting overly dressed up for holidays ex: how many green Irish things can I wear at one time. then I bought a Blizzcon virtual ticket and watched the costume contest, I fell in love with cospalay. I have since cosplayed as lady Kikyo and as a Diablo 3 Wizard. I actually got to walk across the Blizzcon stage last year and see all of the amazing cosplays first hand *squee*. anyway I am not currently working on a cosplay since I am studying for finals but I want to make a cosplay for several other Blizzcons and for Zera and Mavis from Fairy Tail. 🙂


    Hi I’m Desiree 🙂
    I actually do a lot of original characters XD. Though I’ve also done Sister Evelyn from The Fall and Fix it Felix JR from Wreck it Ralph. My current cosplay I’m working on is Mei from Overwatch. Though I can’t afford to go to ACEN this year );


    Hello, I’m reviving this thread! I’m Maura, living in Texas, and I’m rapidly getting in to cosplay. I’ve always been a fan of it, but was always scared of what other people would say, so I never let myself do it. Now that I’m in my 30s and have figured out that I’m ace, I’m going to focus on what I want to do and what makes me happy!

    I’m a major crochet fan, so I made costumes of Mega Man and Proto Man from the MegaMan series out of yarn XD. I’m currently aiming for Anthy Himemiya from Shoujo Kakumei Utena this year for San Japan, and also a crossplay of the Demifiend from SMT: Nocturne.

    Has anyone used the website Cosplanner? I find it really hand to work on the scope of my projects. You can find me on it as Ace_Of_Lace / @sharkie259. Where do you post your cosplays?


    Hi all!

    Sian here, also know as ThatRangerGirl. Mostly known for power rangers cosplays but in the past couple of years I have branched out into other cosplay, mostly that I have made myself!

    If anyone wants to see what I do, check out my Instagram over at @thatrangergirl

    Would love to chat to other awesome cosplayers!

    Tawnee Reed

    Hi. I’m Tawnee. I live to cosplay cross genre characters. I have a zombie Rapunzel outfit. And I’ve also done steampunk Leeloo from the fifth element. I love getting dressed up and looking at everyone else’s cool costumes.


    Hi my name is Mykala.

    I’ve been cosplaying since 2011, I’ve Starting to make them myself and have 7 I’ve made myself. I’m all over the map for cosplays, I started in vocaloid, then switched to anime, most recent build was Selene from underworld blood wars.

    I’ve been teaching other people to sew their own cosplays that are local, and I’m currently working on Hannah Alexander’s design of Harley Quinn, I have the pants mainly done, the skirt is my current focus.

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