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    If anyone is interested in starting a conversation, you are totally welcome to post anything. Questions? Discussions about God, faith, politics? Topics on asexuality, religion, cake, or anything of that matter are welcome!


    It seems to me that Christians wouldn’t have a problem with asexuality, especially demisexuals, since having sex with only one partner, whom you love, seems to be the ideal. In fact, most of the Christian couples I knew growing up seemed to be that way, especially the women. They didn’t seem particularly thrilled about having sex with their husbands, but talked about it like it was a necessary evil, to please their husbands.

    In fact, I just thought I was being a “good Christian” growing up when I felt no interest in sexual activity and I was shocked and puzzled to find out many of my friends were far from celibate. I saw it as a character flaw, in fact.
    I never had trouble being faithful to my spouses, because nobody interested me, but I also wasn’t jealous of men when they were unfaithful. It was hard to care and I often wondered why.
    I didn’t want to be bothered with divorces and starting over with someone else since it typically took over a year before I could learn to tolerate anyone.


    Hi Raell, I know exactly what you mean. I have been married 30 years and have no interest in sex with anyone and would never think of straying as my husband accepts me as I am. It was only when I turned 54 that I learned there was a term for this…asexual…and that there are other people like me. WOW!!!


    Hi, I’m new here. Just recently found that I may be asexual too. I’ve never really wanted sex…or its on very rare occasions I do. I just always thought it was self esteem issues causing it.
    I do have 3 children with my husband but I’m wanting to talk with others in same situations.


    Hi Mama27!

    Welcome to the group and to asexualitic. Thank you for coming and sharing! It is hard not having someone to speak to about this. I am sorry; it must have hurt a lot thinking that it was do to your self-esteem for years. But it is great that we are not alone. I especially am thankful to God for helping me find this community. I actually haven’t been on this website for 2 years, but crazily I logged in and saw your message.

    Have a great weekend!



    Reviving this thread to say hi!

    I’m on the same boat as Raell5. I was even in a chastity class with my sister and cousin and had zero issue keeping that vow. Then, come to find out a couple of years ago I’m literally the last virgin in my group of friends. Sex is a necessity for them, and I’m like, eh.

    Dale L. Masters

    I know this is an old thread, but I’m disabled & mostly housebound (I have an allergy to the sun).I’m almost 60, & have issues stemming from my very difficult birth that gives me a list of disorders a mile long.
    I was able to work 60-90 hours a week for 18 years ( because there is a God…& I trust Him with my health completely.
    I cannot attend Messianic worship services, & being a Messianic Jew, I don’t feel like I belong in a traditional church setting. Add to that the fact that I’m demisexual & homoromantic (though I have taken a celibacy vow with my spouse), & it makes for a very uncomfortable situation.

    Is anybody out there???


    Hi all! So here’s a question from someone new here. Can only people who belong to this group see what’s written here or do all your posts anywhere in the site show up in your profile? (I’m not trying to be off subject, just curious before I write anything here)

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