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Writing an Asexual Protagonist

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    Stephanie Rose

    So I’ve been wanting to do a short story involving an asexual protagonist, which I thought would be simple, but not so much. I’m having trouble figuring out how to reveal the protagonists asexuality in a realistic way. Normally I wouldn’t worry about this so much, but the story is for a magazine with that as the theme, so it has to be, apparent. Does anybody have any suggestions?


    I can only think of a few
    the protagonist is focused on work or his/her goal, but has a friend that has a different sexualality that tries to help the pro. to have fun, but instead tries to figure out why the pro doesn’t seem interested in anybody. I would recommend the friend be bisexual since they see both genders as possibilities.

    the pro could be very anti social that tries to get better at society and being a people person but instead faces the problem that he feels like he is missing something else that most people have, the sexual desire that no ace has.


    Do you watch Sherlock? The updated show with Benedict Cumberbatch. They pretty much made him asexual in the most uniquest way. Maybe you could write something similar.

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