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    This topic/forum is for those writers who are battling with anything writing related.
    I want this thread to help those with any writer’s problems or who simply need advice.

    My main issue lately is to get myself motivated to write ant to stay motivated while writing. Any advice or tips?

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    I relate, I have the same problem. I’m sorry I’ve no helpful advice or tips to offer, I find I only write well when I am sufficiently motivated. Very occasionally when the problem is getting started, I find just starting to write anything often just a stream of consciousness will sometimes get me in the groove or a rhythm and from there I can go on and write about what I intended to write about.


    I’ve heard people tell me that before. That even if you’re not motivated you should try to write.

    I think I’ll try doing that. Thank you 🙂


    I find it impossible to write when I’m not ‘in the mood,’ even with using the stream of consciousness. My best strategy is actually borrowed from a friend. She would text me “I can’t sleep” and within minutes of sending it, she would pass out. So, I post on tumblr something along the lines of “I can’t write” and it’s like a switch goes off.

    What I need to figure out is a way to motivate myself to edit…


    I definitely feel the same way with motivation. I’ve gotten into the habit of treating writing like work, and on workdays, during work hours, I write, regardless. Sometimes I write fanfiction of my own characters doing silly things, or get unusual couples into steamy settings to see what happens, while other times I close my eyes and just try to describe every detail of the room I want my next scene to be in. I like to keep a sketchpad on hand too so I can make simple drawings. None of which actually contributes to the book itself, but you get the uncorking feeling of having done SOMETHING, and you can learn things about your characters you otherwise might have never discovered 0.o

    When it comes to editing, I used to drag my feet too, until I heard this simple piece of advice – writing is the hard part, the world building. Writing is you, as god, standing in the whiteness and creating a world. Editing? That’s when you get to dive back into this pre-made snadbox where all the hard work has been done, and just fiddle around with it to your hearts content. The one book I’ve edited with that attitude ended up coming out so much better than anything else I’ve done.


    Wow, That’s an interesting way of thinking about editing. I’ve never considered it. But then again I’m still at the writing part so the editing is still coming.

    But when I finally get to that part, I keep that in mind. 🙂


    I’ve written my book and it’s turned out to be quite long with basic formatting – more than 500 (8.5″x11″) pages. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how to decide if I should break it up into a couple novels (like a series) or keep it as is. I’ve had various suggestions from friends of the family, even my mom’s first grade school teacher who owned a book store. How should I decide on what size page I should use in order to create a book. I’m sure I’ll have more questions but these are some questions I have at this point. This is my first, and probably will end up being my only, novel. It’s an entirely new venture of which I know nothing about – publishing. I typed it on a typewriter first then when I went back to edit it, I retyped the entire thing into MS Word. I’m still looking into what kind of formatting I should use. Any suggestions as to how I should proceed from this point (I have it in MS Word and have edited it and, now, I wish to get it in print format and off of its individual pages) would greatly be appreciated!

    Elizabeth Sharp

    Everyone keeps telling me I should write a book. The problem with that is: I have no idea what direction I should go in. I am a story teller. There are so many stories but what is my point? Where am I going? What is the end? My ideas are naturally creative non fiction. However my mind is like a fountain brimming to the surface … overflowing, changing… I don’t know where to begin and where to end. I am in a constant state of flux. Does anyone have this problem and how to deal with it? Or advice/ideas?


    That is the problem. I always create a full plot in note form, then split up the story into chapters. Having a full plot and knowing where it’s going will stop you from having writer’s block and will mean that you have an end goal to work towards. I also write the story down with a pen and pad first, then type it up afterwards. You’ll find that you naturally edit as you go, which saves time.

    I recommend that you carry a pad and a pen with you at all times. That way, when you get ideas, you can write them down instantly. Then you can come back at a later date and try to form a cohesive plot from your ideas. Believe me, as soon as you have a solid plot down, it gets easier.


    I bother friends to edit, or just bring it along with me and edit it like a teacher does.

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