CALL FOR ACE AUTHORS/BLOGGERS to be included in DIRECTORY on my blog

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    LOL I posted a more vague call in the wrong place here! Wow. Here goes again!

    If you want to be considered — email me at [email protected]. <– that is my writing stuff email.


    Author bio
    Primary Genre or Genres
    Titles of books and/or a photo of the cover of the one you’re proudest of are welcome.
    Media you use primarily — hardcopy books, ebooks, blogs, etc.
    Link or links to the best place to purchase your work.

    It is my hope that this project can INCREASE ACE VISIBILITY!

    The blog this directory is a group of sub-pages on is Focus? What?!?!

    I look forward to hearing from you. BTW, I accommodate pseudonyms.
    Just make an email address for your reclusive friend and have them email me with this same information. 😀


    Directory of Asexual Authors & Bloggers is now a SEPARATE blog from my personal one.

    The information currently housed on my blog is being moved to the above link to provide us a more professional image.

    Contact for being included in the Directory is still [email protected]. I am aro/ace, and yes, I’m trans, but don’t let that prevent you being included in a no-cost-to-participate-in directory that might help get your work out.


    I’m a published novelist, professional writer. I don’t see much action going on here. Can you tell me if there are plans to get this up and running, or is it now bereft?

    Is there any action?


    It died years ago for lack of interest. I’m not big on fighting for things nobody is interested in. I suspect you’re the first person who’s asked.


    @Vampyfox, If you are interested, I’d get that working. After all, I’m unpublished, BUT also working on a novel. It’s important to get our Voices and Works out there.


    Hi There!

    Thanks for responding. I’m not sure if you mean your group has died, or this site in general?
    Could you explain how your group/blog was meant to work? It sounded interesting but complicated.

    I’ve checked this site out a bit more, and I’m not that enamoured with it. I feel a bit cheated that they still offer subscriptions knowing it also needs resurrecting. I don’t pay for memberships until I’ve really researched up and down and in an out, but as the fee was so low, I paid it. But, with hardly any active members, that is the same as throwing money away. Maybe the fee being that low is the incentive to have members without work being put into the site?

    I wonder why I never noticed before how DRAB this site is?? It was the first ASEXUAL site I came upon by accident, so I over-looked the obvious. Very sad when any site takes a dive. Well, I’ll pop in from time to time and see if anything has picked up. I probably would be better off promoting my own interactive site, although it is not for dating, I could create a topic for threads, where back and forth messages can be given and sent on asexual friendships.

    Hmmm? I’ll think about that.


    I was just doing a directory of writing i knew about by asexual identifying authors. Alphabetical Order by Author.

    There was going to be a section restricted to 18+ age, because an unusual number of aces write erotica and i don’t want to expose kids to things too early.

    i kinda hate this site, actually. it’s not user friendly at all. But honestly, it’s the only site like it i’ve ever run across.I’m not interested in dating at all, it really actually confuses me that there is a DATING site for us. I know, romantic aces exist. I’m not one of them.

    I’m exhausted, so my capitalization, punctuation, etc are off. Apologies.


    Hi again,

    Do you know many authors that are asexual then? I see this word everywhere here, ‘ACE’ what does that mean?

    I don’t know if I’m even in the right place, or called ‘asexual’ as I don’t like labels, but I would say I’m more of a prude. I dislike talk about sex, or any crudity. I also don’t find anything about ‘sex jokes’ funny, and just find it all disrespectful. Considering I was a professional dancer for 7 yrs and in show business generally, I’m such a prude!

    My book is about a genuine transgender who becomes such an integral part, and has everyone on her side. My first ever best friend changed gender, and in show-business, I came upon so many who were traumatised by it all. My book was basically to help others understand what it feels like to be born in the wrong body, when the soul can’t handle it. And I started writing this story around 34 yrs ago, well before it became ‘fashionable.’ I have artistic sex scenes in my mystery, thriller novel because it is about a dating agency, and ONLY because my characters were doing it, but they were emotionally involved..

    I see the story unfold like a film before my eyes and have to write what I see and hear them saying. If I try to change it, my characters remain static. Otherwise, I have never had writer’s block. I actually have morals and dilemmas in the story too and do not like gratuitous sex, in a book, or in person, or in other persons!

    Sorry about that rant! I have good reasons for it. My reasons will be revealed in my soon to be published autobiography.

    Anyway….. we were saying?

    Oh yes, there is another non-sex site called The site is well organised, good lay-out, and friends can be found without it having to be all that ‘cupid’ stuff, so the title is a bit mis-leading. There seem to be a lot of active members there. You might want to check it out? I’m still doing so.

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