Haphephobia (fear of physical contact)

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    Hi people,

    I do hope that this group also include people like me who have haphephobia. It is not really the fear of emotional intimacy but the fear of touch. I live in Belgium, and here, it is extremely common to cheek kiss when you meet someone or when you say goodbye. Unfortunately for me I can’t do that, not even to my own family. It has been this way for as long as I remember. Altho I do not think it is the reason why I am asexual, I do think it does play a role in it. After years of practice and facing this phobia of mine, I can have some brief physical contacts. So that s good I guess. I m not sure why I decided to post this here and now but if possible, I would like it if you could give me your thoughts on it (like if you think that s the main reason of my being asexual; I don’t think so because I can’t picture myself having sex so.; or other thoughts)
    I would also be grateful to know that I m not the only one suffering from this phobia. I believe this site (altho a “dating” site) is a place where you can be yourself without anyone judging others so if you are in my case, I would appreciate to get in touch 🙂

    Thanks so much for reading me up to here and not judging.

    All the best from Belgium.

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