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    It seems we have quite a few people here who do feel physical or sexual attraction but find themselves unable to express it due to their phobia for anything sexual.

    I was thinking that, to break the taboo on erotophobia, a book of real life stories of people who are erotophobic would be very strong as a signal and bring the subject in the limelight and out of the shadows of the taboo (how long has it been going? To what extent is it disturbing your daily life and romantic hopes? Did you ever find love despite the fears to have sex? Which therapies or filosophies did you apply to somehow reduce the impact of the fear? Plus of course a bit of a self introduction: who are you, where are you from, what are your hobbies, what would you like to achieve in your life ..)

    I realise that to contribute to such book involves a lot of privacy to be revealed, but assuming you could use a false name if you wish, would anyone be enthousiast in contributing to it?

    A book, or a website could also do. It is very easy to create a site with Tumblr, WordPress.com, Weebly.com, Wix.com, … where a tab with explanations of erotophobia can be added, and then a chapter that groups all stories of people testifying.

    If anyone would be interested it may be worth trying, it may help to break down a taboo that has been existing for far too long…

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