Next Asexual Meeup in Exeter UK, is on Fri, 3rd of Sept, at RAMM. all welcome.

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    FINALLY I am doing an asexual in person meetup on Friday Sept 3rd. We are going to the museum in Exeter, RAMM, meeting outside at 1pm. (It’s near Exeter central station.) The museum is free to attend and closes at 5pm. Then we are hoping to get some food afterwards, depending on what places are serving food and what’s on the menu. As some places in Exeter that you can usually eat at, have been closed, or had a very limited menu. So if they if there is not something suitable, then we can go to the local supermarket and get something to eat out.

    There are 4 of us going so far.

    If you want to attend, please PM me on this site, or text me 07932 768970, or email me, [email protected] I need to know in advance if you are coming so I can make sure we all go in together.

    Any questions, post here or contact me direct.

    I have been organising asexual meetups inExeter since 2015, and all asexuals across the UK are welcome to attend. My best asexual friend is coming from Surrey for the day and already booked their ticket.

    There are hotels if you need to stay over and I can likely meet up with you the day before or day after if you want me to.

    My ankle is still recovering, (I broke it in April) so you might see me limping or using a crutch, but other than that I am good to go, and it will go ahead. Will love you to join us.


    Would love to see you there.


    Thanks to those of you who attended. Was ACE xx

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