Why is so difficult to connect to others here? Or it's just me?

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    Yeah I wandered away from the website because of the lack of activity, and the fact that one of the few messages I did get was from a creepy troll.
    We are a small community but it sounds from the above that a good bunch are looking to make the effort, if you’re all game then so am I 🙂


    I know that I am more likely to respond to someone with a filled out profile who sends more than “hi”. I can have that level of conversation anywhere.


    I registered here years ago but it was slow back then and I forgot all about it. Just recently I started getting new notifications and I logged back in. I would really want to meet someone either as a good friend or for an ace relationship in the UK (I am in Birmingham). I just can’t find my way around non-ace people and it’s depressing when nobody really understands you.


    My sense after being on here for a few days is that this site is more about community and less about connecting one-to-one? It’s not what I expected, but I’m new to the concept of ace so I’m not sure what I should have expected to be honest.

    I sort of feel like I’ve stepped into a very quiet party where a few people are talking but mostly everyone is checking their phones. Still though – I’m glad to know there’s a venue to chat about this stuff; it gives me hope I can rely a little on others to find a more optimistic direction for myself.


    There seems not to be a lot of people on this site and I’m still trying to decide whether that saddens me or not. I’m certainly down foe making friends or chatting with anyone though


    I joined because I hoped to meet more people like me… I live sorta in the Bible Belt, so it’s rare to find anyone who isn’t heteronormative and allosexual. There doesn’t seem to be many members, like LisaLeslie said, but that’s almost to be expected. I’m down to chat anytime, though! I’d love to make new friends!


    I don’t think people come here


    I’ve tried connecting to folks here for the longest time, but like others, I find it frustrating as hell, and yet I keep trying.

    My motto: Keep hope alive, but have the audacity to despair.
    Have the audacity to despair, but keep hope alive.

    The motto is mine to state, but the phraseology is yours to decide. 😉


    I think it’d be a lot easier if people weren’t so inactive also it only shows the last 10 recent messages or is that just mine?


    I’ve had a few people message me who I ‘chat to reasonably regularly… one of the issues I’ve encountered is seeing an interesting looking thread, reading it but being told I can’t reply to it…

    Mara Copland

    I feel you, Darian. I think I’m the only active one in my area too. It’s brutal.

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