WhY dont most people fill in their PROFILE properly and ADD photos???

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    It is SO frustrating when scrolling through male and female members on this site seeing the majority of prople dont take the time to fill in their BASIC and WHAT IM LOOKING FOR sections of their profile. OR bother to upload a photo or two.

    It doesn’t matter ugly, boring or busy etc YOU MAY think you are (if that’s why you haven’t done it???)…HOW is anyone else supposed to have ANY idea about YOU if you don’t bother to share anything about yourself. I personally (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) am not going to send anyone a message without seeing a picture and reading a detailed profile!

    Seriously guys and gals….
    1. We as Asexuals are apparently already only 1% of the world population.

    2. Then you’ve got all the various different Asexuals that fall under that umbrella e.g Asexual aromantic etc 3tc etc which makes you and me an even smaller percentage.

    3. Then us Asexuals are spread ALL over this huge globe…seemingly miles, states and countries from each other!!!

    4. And to throw another spanner in the works, We all have different personalities, values, interests etc which further limits who is compatable with us.

    So when you factor all these variable into the equation, we probably have 0.01% chance of meeting the person of our dreams. Hence, please don’t further limit our chances of finding the right one but not filling in a detailed profile and adding photos.

    I’m sorry if I have come across sounding harsh. I am just frustrated with the zillion obstacles. I really want to find someone compatable to share my life with. I cannot understand why you would join this site and not fill in your profile properly and add a picture. What’s the point otherwise?

    Meadow Rain

    aaaa Bronte.?..you do know you are on open internet..well maybe you don’t know it but everyone else does….most people do not want their personal info for everyone else to see..You did notice that most names are fake ,did you not ???
    It is not that they are not sincere , and they are speaking about their true feeling but they have the right to keep their personal info hidden and you should too
    Since you don’t seem to know There are many people who are looking over this site to just gawk and mock who just want to watch a side show act.
    Also you say you are scrolling down trying to check out profiles… you should not be , people should be able to share their info to the people they want and ONLY to the people they want..in time they might share more but A general male female profile is fine. There is good reason why people should not trust leaving detailed info or their face on internet sites..

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    I’d put more information on my profile if I knew how. Believe me, I’ve looked and I can’t find out how to add more. I can see other people’s profiles have extra sections about interests and things, I don’t seem to have that option despite being a full member. I’ve filed a support request with the site admin’, hopefully they can tell me what to do.


    Took me a while to figure it out, Jack. when you click on your profile your have to scroll down and click ‘edit’ and that will automatically take you to your base information, but if you look next to the ‘Base’ area, there is a spot to click on ‘Looking For’ and ‘Detailed Profile Info.’

    Trust me, I emailed admin too, but never got a response. It took me probably a couple hours to figure the stuff out. Don’t know how to change the background yet though. I’ve seen some people have different backgrounds and have no clue how to adjust that.

    I agree with both Bronte and Meadow on some stuff. I would like to see who the potential person is only because I would rather not show up somewhere to meet a lady when suddenly some ten foot tall hood shows up asking for my wallet instead.
    Of course, the people on here can always falsify information, but I guess its more of a peace of mind to view who may be on here.

    I think a lot of people on this website with the way we all probably feel would like to keep within a protected space while trying to also introduce themselves. I guess I have no trouble showing what I look like, but I’ve never had to fend off droves of women, deal with any stalkers, and stealing my information won’t exactly get you far in the world. You’ll just pick up my rotten luck. Lol!

    time machine

    I’m having a hard time with the photo feature. I uploaded a bunch but I can only see the one on the cover.


    People are anxious. My Gf also doesnt have a photo on the site where we met.


    I have filled out my profile but I’m shy about putting an actual photo of myself out in the light.

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    Hi, Joy! I’m a Joy, too! I hate posting pics of myself and am not fond of selfies at all, but I know that, personally, I’m unlikely to contact anyone who doesn’t post a photo of themselves.


    Can only speak for myself but I don’t come to the site to advertise myself. If this were a dating site, it would make sense to advertise my looks and interests – but it ain’t. Or at least, it ain’t for me. 🙂

    If I didn’t have ‘real life’ social engagements, I might be more interested in actively browsing for potential friends but I come here more as a side interest. I’m one of those who doesn’t desire sex OR intimacy so there’s nothing driving me to make connections. 🙂 I just enjoy dipping into casual conversation here and there.

    That privacy thing makes sense too.

    Lori C

    Yes, why didn’t YOU add a picture?


    I did the full Monty, so to speak. If someone was to walk up to me and say, hey, you’re that grey-sexual on that one site, I’d say yeah….wanna hang out, lol. I can certainly understand though that not everyone is at that place in their life. I am just happy there are people on here that want to chat and get to know each other. Its been rough not knowing how I was the way I am for the last 20 years. Appreciate all of you, regardless of profile or not.


    wish there was an option to add more than one picture, though.


    That’s a shame Admin here do not get back to questions! How serious are they about helping us find friends, or is it all business?

    Being able to edit profiles ought to be far easier for those who are not used to working online sites. So, come on Admin, or moderators, write the software and perhaps this site will be busier than it is.

    Meanwhile, there seem to be some kind folk who try to help when a question is asked here. As for the option to add more than one picture, YES, that is MOST important!! Let’s all keep asking for this action, which all other friend/dating sites have!!!

    Lori C

    Well, if someone knows computer coding, maybe they can volunteer to help improve the site.


    Tristan, this site used to have an option to add more photos. I had around 10 and others did too. For some odd reason we’re never told, the creators of this site deleted all but our cover photos.


    Good idea, Lori. Someone should be allowed to assist who could more time and effort at improving this site.

    Lori C

    Dan ~

    When I had my own domain, any photos/images took up a lot more space/data as compared to just texts. I had to pay more if I wanted a larger website. The owners of this site are probably trying to keep costs low.

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