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    Jack Frost

    I think that if you are a member, then even non-members should be able to communicate with you. That is the point of her post. Because otherwise, you just have people who don’t take it very seriously. And, you have to find all sorts of alternative ways to get in touch.

    I am a talker, I just love to talk with asexual women. Because, normal women hate that; that is a waste of their time. They admit to me that they are just in essence whores, who look for men to use for money. And, they just want to you to buy them everything when you are with them, have the nicest house, closest to campus for them to sponge off you. Nice car to flash around to their friends, etc. They don’t know where to fit an attractive romantic cuddly guy friend into their lives. They just want to manipulate horny men who want to get laid, into a pay-to-play relationship; or long term pay-to-play marriage contract.

    I suppose I am different from most guys on the website. That, I am obsessed with romantic attention from women. So, I do go all out… to meet them. It all depends on what type of psychology you have. Probably because I see asexuality as an illness, rather than accepted lifestyle. Knowing how wonderful feeling normal is, but unable to obtain it from stress-induced symptoms.

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    • This reply was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by Jack Frost.
    Jack Frost

    I have been on other dating websites that were scams. Full of fake users, and profiles that were inactive. I have only been able to contact one person in here. So, it definitely feels like a scam.

    And, as soon as I joined she lost interest. That was how other sites were; that I got flooded with obvious fake messages to convince me it had what I wanted. Reading about asexual people, itself, is useful to me; so I did not mind paying a fee. Some users are obviously active and real.


    I feel the same. I was wondering if I was alone in this. I am an introverted person but I make the effort to send messages because why else am I here?? I am not here just for dating either. I would also like the possibly of some genuine ace friends. We aces should stick together you know? I have talked to a few but the conversation just fell off(which happens and is fine) Just still looking…

    I will be here until my membership is up at least.


    Hey Jack, maybe you shouldn’t call asexuality an illness on an ace website? That’s a bit demeaning. Even if you’re okay with calling it that, I’m sure not a lot of people would be okay hearing that.


    Not completely topic related but this is the status of my membership (I regrettably paid for);

    Your membership is active.
    Level: Full Member
    Membership Expires: October 28, 2016

    (expired yet I’m still full member)

    I’ve gotten the feeling that this website is rather inactive, unkempt and perhaps even outdated.

    Jack Frost

    Yeah, I guess asexual dating is not really big. lol

    As a matter of principle I don’t like being ripped off; and have found every dating site to be a scam. I Am the lithmus test. If I can find seven beautiful women on the streets, total strangers, to date a day; hug and kiss me. Why can’t I even get so much as a glance of interest online?

    Jack Frost

    Lyss, context is key! If you read my profile, you will see that objectively speaking it shares many hallmarks with OCD. For me, it is definitely a symptom, not a true sexual orientation.

    Even professionals disgree; it is highly debated. It could be low libido, hormonal, or psychological; that effectively cause same condition.

    Asexuality has its perks. You see how irrational and animalistic sexual people can be. I think you can be capable of greater spiritual love and compassion; when you are not seeking mindless Hedonism.

    It has its virtues, regardless of why a person may seem or be asexual.


    I have to admit I agree with the general theme of this thread. I joined in the days when there was an older, and believe or not, worse website but membership was free. Perhaps it’s time they attempted to refurbish the site in a way.

    That being said I have to admit I’ve been contacted by some lovely people through this site. I’m lucky enough to live in London, but a lot of people who contact me aren’t actually from the area. And there is light at the end of the tunnel! I managed to meet my girlfriend through this site and we’ve been together over a year now. I would say that this site is merely useful at sharing contact information so you can continue your own correspondence. Embarrassingly this may be the first time I’ve actually posted on the site…sorry!

    In regards to what Jack has said, I have to admit I shared a similar view point. But I think that depends on the individual, as long as you’re happy I don’t think you consider it a deviation from “normal”. Thanks to people I’ve met here I’ve managed to move from asexual to demi-sexual and in general feel much happier.

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