When you're depressed what makes you feel better?

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    -Focusing on my tasks at work until I have no time to think about how I feel, working overtime or staying behind late until my hands are raw and all I can think about is the pain
    -Smoking (not good for me, dont give sh#@$)
    -Drinking occasionally (mostly rum or tequila)
    -Watching random fluffy shoujo-ai anime
    -Painting on a canvas of neon littered with gore and dead animals whilst listening to old school blues
    -Ordering a #3 large with a dr. pepper easy ice with a large order of onion rings and then eating said meal outside at my special place in the woods where I often frequent to meditate and ponder upon life’s worries

    Its hard losing loved one though I feel ya Mark. Lost my dad back in 2015. That would be a nice thought to have, that somewhere your family is up there chilling in the clouds. I’ve got a ton of respect for people in the church who don’t judge others while staying true to their doctrines, cheers to you man. Thats what society needs more of- true believers who actually love their neighbors. I think that if there were to be a god and a set example of what ‘god’s love’ would be like, that’d be it right there. Acceptance regardless of opposing beliefs. I can dig that.


    On the same note, at the moment, I listen to or sing United “Even When It Hurts” because it makes me feel better* to know there’s a Christian song not afraid to basically say, “I’m going through hell right now.”

    *But not necessarily happier better, just relief better.

    Typically, I’m not sure I can do much to make feel not depressed besides sleep it off.


    Looking at Creeks, or specifically the flow of the water and how the light bounces of it as it runs over pebbles. But, honestly Creeks aren’t always readily available, so i make do with a glass of water with a few marbles and set in front of the sunniest part of whatever room I’m in. I know, sad substitute, but when you focus…. it’s kind of pretty with all the sun shining through…and that voice(if there is one) that encourages you to make choices you know are bad for you? Well, don’t be surprised if it gets smaller then is quite, it’s like the reverse of “calm before the storm” reaction. I recommend marbles made of German glass or crystal for an almost kaleidoscope effect👍

    Dale L. Masters

    Music, time, & my life partner (not in that order.)
    I am very blessed.


    Exercise is my go to. Granted I am fairly fit, so it is less difficult. It works for me because being upset uses energy, and if you exercise your body you use up the energy. After a workout I don’t have any energy left to be sad. It is classic avoidance of emotions, so I have to be careful not to use it tons. Somethings you just gotta feel.

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